Featured Team Members

  • Some Of Our Key Team Members Include:

    Frederick Cary
    Mr. Cary is a senior executive, strategic consultant, attorney and investment banker. He has focused on building global companies from startup stage through exit by IPO or M&A. As an operational executive (CEO/Chairman) he has built high-growth businesses in finance, enterprise software, mobile technologies, Web services, and digital video, HDTV, broadband and Personalized television, as well as consumer related product companies. He has led many mergers and acquisitions both as an executive and as counsel. Mr. Cary received his JD degree from Thomas Jefferson in California, attended post graduate certificate studies at Harvard Law School, and obtained his international MBA with Honors from the University of Liverpool. Sample deals as CEO and typically first employee: Boxlot – negotiated a $120 million sale to a public company. Path 1 – took the company public with a $30 million IPO. Imagine Communications – a global company with $500 million in annual revenue and 1,200 employees. City Loan – increased revenue to $25 million and expanded into 8 states. As an investment banker, iBankers raised $2 billion in two years.

  • Michael Corradini
    Mr. Corradini has spent his entire life as an entrepreneur, creating and testing methods that have helped over 300 inventors and entrepreneurs develop, fund, or grow their ideas. He has launched a multitude of successful business ventures himself from financial lead generation, to real estate investing, international seminars, a real estate brokerage, and patent commercialization. He has also grown two private companies to achieve Inc. 500 status. As a former director at the Los Angeles World Trade Center, he helped entrepreneurs source raw materials globally for their products. Mr. Corradini received a B.S. in Business Administration at the University of Southern California and graduated from the Lloyd Greif School of Entrepreneurship. Mr. Corradini is a health addict, snowboarder, and a compulsive problem solver.

  • Margot Sandy
    Mrs. Sandy is one of our key engineers and manufacturing liaisons. She’s an Amazon Bestselling Author with her hit book, “If You Build It Life Will Come” (how to build your dream product idea and engineer the world into your playground.) Previously Margot was a Senior Mechanical Engineer at the Brookstone Lab. Before that Margot was Product Development Engineer at Fisher-Price. She has developed nearly 200 consumer products from product conception to production start.
    But, there’s another side to her. She has been entrepreneurial programs in Egypt, South Africa and Canada, and works with different universities throughout the USA regarding New Product Development. And, she’s launching a social enterprise to support public schools across the U.S. Our clients love her and the brilliant work she does on IdeaPros’ project. Here’s a list of some of the places her products have sold; Macy’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Kohls, Brookstone, Amazon, Best Buy, Sears.

  • Simon Solotko
    Mr. Solotko is an expert Marketer and Industry Analyst. He is one of our top crowd funding experts. He has served as a CMO and led seminal crowdfunding projects including The Virtuix Omni, Sriracha Stix, Laelaps GPS, NimbleVR (canceled due to Facebook Acquisition), Avid Union Blade, and many more. Crowdfunded projects need to have a good target audience, strong appeal, and articulate with online audiences coherently. He helps design and execute efficient campaigns with tangible, exciting, and sensible rewards for backers, and a sense of importance, authenticity innovation to ignite the imagination of backers.
    Previously, Mr. Solotko spent five years at Raytheon IIS in business and strategic planning. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Texas, a BA from the University of Chicago, and has studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvard and Kent State University. Simon is at the vanguard of augmented and virtual reality and has developed unique visualization and interface technologies.

  • Matt Fichtner
    Mr. Fichtner is a top seller on Amazon and an expert marketer. He began his entrepreneurial journey while completing his capstone project for his MBA program at USC. He always had an adventurous and creative mindset, but there wasn’t much room to exercise that during his 11 years on active duty as a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps. Amazon was and still is the fastest growing retail platform on the planet. Through a ton of research over the course of a few months he learned how to launch a business leveraging the power of their platform. He sold his first product in February of 2017 and ended up doing over $250,000 in sales by the end of the calendar year. He now has eight different products selling on Amazon and is adding more as fast as he can. Amazon is a beast of a platform, but there is a steep learning curve to master it to leverage the growth of your business. He belongs to multiple Amazon business groups and has learned from some of the most successful sellers on the platform. As he learns more every day about expanding his own sales channels he looks forward to helping people get their ideas off the ground utilizing the power of Amazon too.