Would You Jump Out Of An Airplane Without A Parachute?

By trusting an invention help company, you’re doing exactly that!

Can your hot new idea really afford a leap of faith that has a 0.001%** chance of success?

Introducing The Alternative Solution – IdeaPros – For A “Pre-Order Product Launch”!

IdeaPros Invention Help Co’s
Bring Product To Market
Customer Feedback
Improve/Enhance Product
Market Validation
Funding Services
Reduced Risk
Success Rate 50%* .001%**
* After 5 years. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Employment Dynamics


When it comes to developing and launching your new product, would you rather leave your success to chance or use customer feedback?

Invention help companies use the old licensing model; IdeaPros provides a completely different model – opposite in approach – by Selling The Product First to position you to achieve your ultimate goal – whether it’s a product launch, selling the orders, or a cash buyout!

IdeaPros – Improving New Product Success Rates!

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