Apps Ideas: Three Mistakes to Avoid


Apps Ideas: Three Mistakes to Avoid

Developing and releasing a mobile app can be overwhelming because of the planning, development process, and unexpected roadblocks.

For some developers and entrepreneurs, it takes months or years before their vision becomes a reality. When it comes to developing and selling apps, think IdeaPros. Mistakes along the way are inevitable. Fortunately, you can dodge these 3 costly mistakes by knowing how to avoid them.

As a Super Venture Partner™, we work with many app startups and entrepreneurs to take an app idea from inception to a fully launched mobile app. These are the top 3 mistakes people make before they partner with us and here is how you can avoid them.

1. Choosing Cheaper Developers to Lessen Expenses

If you are a developer yourself, you won’t have a problem with this. However, if you hire a professional or a team who will create the app for you, you will most likely compare prices. Rates for app development can be high because we’re talking about a multitude of technical skills. Many entrepreneurs choose the service with the lowest business plan cost in an attempt to reduce the cost of development.

According to IdeaPros, CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Corradini, “Getting services from cheaper app developers may save you tons of money, but there’s a big chance what you envisioned for your app may not be exactly what you get. Problems with the design can be settled easily, but if complications are in the app’s functionality, then you’re doomed and may have to start over.”

2. Underestimating the Benefits of Beta Testing

Rushing the process of app development just to adhere to your deadline can get you into trouble. Never compromise your app’s functionality. Make sure to include beta testing in your project management timeline. This will save you from a lot of possible app functionality problems. Beta testing allows your app to be used by a group of users who will send you feedback about its functionality and design. Through their reviews, you can fix glitches and improve in certain areas. This way, when your consumers will enjoy and use your app more when it officially launches.

3. Including Too Many Features in One App

It’s normal to feel excited and get a little carried away when your vision is slowly coming into life. You might experience a sudden rush of thoughts. New ideas for the app features might start popping out of nowhere. The trick is to identify which features are critical to solving a problem for the consumer with a MVA (Minimum Viable App) and then testing them before you add more features.

Trying to fit all your ideas into one app can delay the launch. You have to plan extra time for further testing of the app for every feature you decide to add. Having too many features might make the app too overwhelming or confusing for users. Make sure that the features and functions that you add have a purpose.

Knowing the common mistakes that have previously been made in-app creation can work to your advantage. You can now avoid those failures in the process of making your app better and more appealing to a mass audience.

The journey to creating and designing an app is a long one. However, knowing these 3 major mistakes people make will prevent you from being stuck on the proverbial side of the road with major repairs. For more details, here is an article that describes how to build and launch an app.

IdeaPros is a Super Venture Partner™ that help inventors, app creators and product-driven business owners. We have the resources, experience, developers, and tools to help you succeed at this step or any step in the entrepreneurial journey.

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