Build Your List – What You Need To Know About Buying Leads


Build Your List – What You Need To Know About Buying Leads

There is no marketing without the right data. We talked to Joel Buhr, Director at First Direct Marketing and a Chief Data Disruptor who has been in the industry for over 20 years, about building your list and everything you need to know when buying leads.

Where Do You Start?

Clients want to know what kind of data is available and the answer is simple. There is a lot of data available. The real questions you should be asking are:

  • What’s my objective?
  • What problem am I solving?
  • Am I doing brand awareness, customer acquisition, or outbound calls?
  • What’s the intent?

Focus on what you are doing, who do you want to get a hold of, and why. What are you going to offer them and what are the follow-through steps and communication strategy? Those are all important questions to answer to understand what type of list you need.

“The list can change its shape pretty quickly.” – Joel Buhr

Do You Know Your Target Audience?

At IdeaPros, we work with our partners to understand who their target audience is. They know their unique positioning statement and the problem they are solving before we start doing marketing campaigns. You cannot do an email campaign if you haven’t identified your data.

“A lot of times clients will come to us because they want the list, but they are missing the pieces in between to execute on it.” – Joel Buhr

Only when you comprehend the demographics of your target audience, you can start thinking about the lists and the ways you will deliver your message. You need a website, landing pages, and funnels to execute your marketing and convert traffic that’s coming your way. Understanding how to execute is a critical component of the process. When using Facebook marketing, you can upload your list as a custom audience. 

“If you’re planning on doing direct mail with the same target audience, you will be touching with a second channel and your response rates are going to boost. You’re going to see a lot higher results from that effort.” – Joel Buhr

Who Should Be On Your List?

First Direct gives clients direct access to the good, reliable data, and takes out the mystification of it all. The platform moves over 4 billion rows of data per month. Sometimes clients use the same information for a while because it works well for them and they don’t consider any changes. 

Joel’s company doesn’t only sell you leads they give you advice on how you can think bigger and grow your business. Like a home improvement space company that was encouraged to go after new borrowers. They were hesitant as they believed new borrowers already had everything locked down and that no one spends their last money. It turned out they had a 31% higher conversion rate from new borrower data. They saw 35% larger revenue per mailer because of the new data they used. This one of the benefits of working with a professional who can help you with the list and see new opportunities. 

Is Your List Fresh?

Trust is a big issue when working with email lists. First Direct keeps everything new and fresh. They follow all the rules and regulations regarding privacy. All the databases are updated every 30 days. Both First Direct and their clients remove deceased people or people who don’t want to be emailed from databases regularly. 

Is Your List Geographically Relevant?

With First Direct, you can outline or take away certain areas on the dynamic map if you have a geographically specialized business. You can add or subtract people to get the perfect list. You can do a lot of planning in the system to figure out how many people you will get and how much it will cost. It lets you calculate drive time to your location. Then you can add other criteria to the selection to narrow down the audience, like gender, age, financial status, etc. There is no fee to get access to the searches, you pay only for the data you plan to consume. 

Learn more about using data in your marketing HERE. 

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