Comfort Zone or End Zone? Are You Choosing To Win?


Comfort Zone or End Zone? Are You Choosing To Win?

In life and business, great things happen when we are ready to take NO as an answer. Outside of our comfort zone is where the magic happens and takes us to our end zone. We talked to Fred Cary, CEO of IdeaPros, about ways to achieve this magic and get the win.

How Much Confidence Do You Have?

Our self-limiting behaviors keep us where we are, therefore, turning our comfort zone into the danger zone. These behaviors are connected to our self-confidence. If you were to evaluate your level of self-confidence on a scale from 1 to 10, which number would you give yourself? 

Whatever that number is, you should understand it from a positive standpoint. It is difficult to be a 10 and it’s not recommendable either because it makes you feel like you’ve achieved everything that there is to achieve. This is rarely true because life and business are full of new challenges. We all have self-doubts, but the important thing is how we look at them. 

“We wonder whether or not we have the capacity, the capability, the work ethic, and desire to go to this new place in our world, lives, and environment.” – Fred Cary

When we positively look at our numbers it makes us challenge ourselves and motivates us to be better every day. On the other hand, if we look at this number negatively, it can make us feel like we are not good enough or that we don’t deserve the change we want. These beliefs can hold us back from reaching our full potential and moving forward. 

Game Plans Without Execution

“You can know what you’re supposed to do, but if you don’t go out and do it. Keep trying and fighting day-after-day to make it happen or else you’re not gonna get anywhere.” – Fred Cary

You can have the perfect playbook and game plan, but without the execution, you will fail. Of course, you have to work on your game plan first. Understand what you want to do and how to get there. If it’s business, you will want to know who your competitors are, what their weak points are, and who is your perfect customer. How are you going to handle the defeats? No battle is won overnight, and you WILL have ups and downs. You won’t execute your plan flawlessly. But that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your playbook. There is no win without problems, delays, and obstacles. It is just the way life works. 

Commitment To Reaching The End Zone

When life gets confusing, our plans, strategies, and motivation to go forward disintegrate because the outside information starts overwhelming us. To change that, we need to leave the comfort zone of mediocrity. We need to think that we can do better. Once we accept that and start doing the hard work, running into brick walls time and time again until we break through it, then we have a better chance. Keeping an eye on the finish line is crucial. Even if you have a bad idea, it’s typically in a good place. All you need is to work on it more. Don’t be happy with your 8, 6, or 7.5. Know that you can do more if you try harder and that no obstacle will stop you from your goal. 

“Fortitude, commitment, and a never quit attitude certain people have makes them stand out from the crowd.” – Fred Cary

Don’t expect someone else to make you successful. Go out there and make yourself successful.

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