Irresistible Apps – How to Create World-Class Apps People Love

By Florence Adrian 6th Apr, 2021

“Your app is your roadway. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you are building a road to nowhere.” – Fred Cary

Do you have a great app idea? So do 9,999 other app creators in Google and Apple stores every day. You want your App to be the one in 10,000 that actually gets downloaded? So do we! We talked to the CEO of IdeaPros, Fred Cary, and CTO of IdeaPros, Jay Mahanga, about what it takes to create irresistible, world-class apps people will love. 

Before You Start

“The worst thing you can do is find an app company before you do anything else.” – Fred Cary

Whatever industry you are building an app for, you have to understand how that industry works, bring the right team, collect the data, and look at the competition and their software. Ask customers what they need in an app and ask yourself how to make money from it. The team usually consists of two senior developers, a project manager, and a designer. Before they touch anything, they want to understand what they need to build the app. Where are you going to get the data you need to build the app? How much will it cost, who are you building it for, what does it do, and how will it make money?

“A backlog is everything required to build your software.” – Jay Mahanga

If you don’t prepare well, you end up being one of 10,000 apps that get launched every day, and no one ever downloads them. And you don’t want that, do you?

The Design Process

Once you have a business model and know how to monetize it, you can start the design process. First, you map it out. How are you going to build it? How many people are you going to hire? A typical project has 7-9 people. When you assemble all the parts, you give them to the designer who will design a wireframe or UX. Now you have a clickable prototype before you do any coding at all, and you test it for your feedback. To get from the backlog to the clickable prototype, you will need from 6 to 9 months. 

When you start coding, it is crucial to work on the following documentation – everything from the design perspective, APIs, user flow, etc. You can use it to patent how you go to market through that documentation. Once you have the first coded version, you do the soft launch and beta testing that takes 15 to 45 days. Use this feedback to improve the software, and don’t try to put all the features when you first launch. Start with the MVP and upgrade your app every 3-6 months. 

After You’ve Launched

Once you launch, your app gets to the App Store together with other 9,999 applications and nobody is getting any traction. This happens if you are not prepared. 

“When you launch your app, the whole world is not going to come running to you.” – Fred Cary

If you want to be successful, you need a minimum viable product, full documentation, and marketing data. See how many people you can get interested in your app, what you can do better, and use that information for pivoting your software and for advertising. You will need all the resources you have to get people to download your app. Use influencers, guerilla marketing, FB, and IG ads. You should create a landing page with a video and a download link, and your ads should lead there. If you have good results in 30 days, you can look for an investor. 

Remember, your app is a roadway that will deliver your valuable information to the people who need it. Build it well.

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