Go from a Single to a Home Run Every Time. How to Create an App People Love


Go from a Single to a Home Run Every Time. How to Create an App People Love


Hearing that 10,000 apps go into app stores every single day may sound scary. But, that’s not a reason to give up on your dream. We can help you go from a single to a home run every time! We talked to Fred Cary, CEO of IdeaPros, and Jay Mahanga, a mobile app developer at Ideapros about how to create an app people will love. 

Build A Solution

“You’re not building an app, you’re building a solution.” – Fred Cary

You want solutions to be delivered to the people you want as your customers, right? That means you will need a strategy based on the understanding of human behavior and the market you want to get in. People sometimes come to IdeaPros asking how to keep the competitors from coming into the marketplace. Number one, you can’t. Number two, if there are no competitors that means nobody wants what you have.

The thing you need to remember is that no matter how big the other players are there is still a place for you, but you have to make a difference. You can do that by bringing a new experience to the table and making an impact that will attract people to your solution. There are millions of apps out there, so what makes yours unique?

Know Where Your Crowd Is

You need to understand the market and learn where your traffic is going to be from. The majority of apps developed today are solving a first world country problem, which only amounts to 20% of the population. Maybe you can solve a problem somewhere else or try your app outside this bubble. Once you bring it back to the USA, you will have understood the algorithm and the AI behind it, and you can modify your solution. 

“At the end of the day, your app should help people.” – Jay Mahanga

Gain Followers

There are two ways to gain followers: the human side and the artificial intelligence side. Find influencers and build a community with their audience. You should choose the best platform for your app and talk to the big names on it. If you have something good to offer, they will probably support you. On the other side, you should build your community.

The first thousand people that will download your app are the ones you’ve been nurturing for a while before launching. They will be advocates of your brand. 

Once your core audience is in place, you will understand who they are and what their behaviors are. Then you can use artificial intelligence to find other people like them. The bigger the database is, the more you can study their behavior and go after them on Facebook and Instagram. 

Be Different

At IdeaPros, we have developed a great number of apps in many different areas. We took examples from three very developed areas, such are gaming, food, and rides to show you it is possible to make a successful app despite the competition.

When it comes to gaming, we looked at storylines, design, features that make it attractive to users, and what unique experience it offers. In our food app, we have created a comprehensive menu you can order from, without going from restaurant to restaurant. It turns out people think this way is more convenient for them, so they download the app. In the rides industry, we worked with professional drivers who have been marginalized and give them a chance to do what they do best. This is what they do for a living. They’re not doing it in their spare time to make extra money on the weekend. We are empowering a group that should be empowered in the first place.

Remember, whether it is an app or a product you are working on, as an entrepreneur you want to create something people need and want because it is a better solution than the one they’ve been using.

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