Hiring & Job Search Have Evolved


Hiring & Job Search Have Evolved

Hiring and job search have been the same for the past decade: extensive search, invested time, and high-stress levels. It’s time for a change. We talked to Kassem Hamad, the founder of Lander, about how his app will revolutionize the hiring process.

About the Lander App

They say looking for a job is a full-time job, and that’s true. It involves moving from one platform to another, sending countless resumes, and waiting for answers that never come. Kassem felt a need for a more organized system that saves time and makes the process more personal, interactive, and enjoyable. 

“Lander brings the necessary organization and reduces the stress levels.” – Kassem Hamad

Its tier-structured job pool system helps users find the right positions and candidates more efficiently. Candidates create a profile with a resume and a short video about their professional achievements and goals while hiring managers go straight to a job subcategory to find talent for the open position. The video helps the managers get a feel about the candidate, and candidates can present themselves in a more personal way. Lander creates deeper connections, benefiting both candidates and managers. 

“Lander goes beyond resumes.” – Kassem Hamad

How Does Lander Work?

Lander is similar to chat rooms popular in the 90s. Every business category has a lot of subcategories that fall under it. A candidate pursuing a business degree in multiple fields can submit their resume and a 30-second video to all the subcategories they want to tackle and wait for the managers to contact them, or they can look for direct jobs hiring managers post in subcategories. 

“You can submit and let the managers find your profile and get in touch with you or apply for a particular job directly.”  – Kassem Hamad

What used to take hours, can now be done in 10 minutes. The app is 100% free for candidates, while managers pay a monthly subscription fee.

The Lessons

Bringing an app to life is a long journey. The two most important lessons Kassem learned are patience and personal involvement. Mistakes and delays WILL happen, so being patient and persistent is essential. The other thing is that even with an experienced partner like IdeaPros, you still have to get involved. Having an app is a continual process because there is always something to do. Don’t wait for someone else to take care of your business, be proactive, and never let it go. You are the one who cares the most about it. 

Working with IdeaPros

IdeaPros has provided Kassem with quality feedback and guidance. With vast experience in entrepreneurial processes, the information was priceless for Kassem. 

Show Kassem some love, visit trylander.com and sign up for early access.

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