How To Crush Your 2021 Goals


How To Crush Your 2021 Goals

2020 was a tough year. It is only natural we all are making New Year’s resolutions to reset and make the next one better. The question is, what is the right way? We talked to Fred Cary, CEO of IdeaPros, about the best ways to crush our 2021 goals. Read on to learn how you can crush your 2021 goals.

Accept Where You Are And Move On From There

The first thing we have to do is accept where we are. If we wait for the pandemic to end and for the entire world to get the vaccines, we will be waiting forever. This means putting your life on hold and being unable to go where you need to go. 

“We need to forget about the outside world and think about the inside world.” – Fred Cary

What do we do and say to ourselves that will allow us to do well, even in bad times, when nothing goes as we expect it to go? We focus on self-development. Be a better and stronger person. Don’t worry about the rest of the world instead think about moving forward and finding your place. If we all do that, the world will move forward with us. 

Break Down Your Goal And Give It Time To See Change 

Most of us make lofty goals we want to accomplish overnight especially after the year we had. But we forget that it doesn’t work that way. Change needs time. Don’t plan to lose 10 pounds tomorrow. Start working out every day because that is a radical change from what you are doing now. 

“The reason we fail all the time is that we set these big lofty goals and give ourselves no time to do anything.” – Fred Cary

Let’s suppose your goal is to lose those 10 pounds. You will need a month-by-month method. Instead of saying my goal is to lose 10 pounds next year instead say my goal for January is to start eating better, for February eat less red meat, and for March eat less bread. Break your goals down, do bits of them little-by-little, and celebrate every micro victory in changing your life. 

Get A Journal and Write Your Goals Down

Get yourself a journal and write down your six-month plan instead of a one-year one. In six months, I want a better job. Take note of what kind of job you want, what field it is in, what you’re going to do to get there, and what you will do each month.

You Can Only Rely On Yourself to Reach Your Goals

Rely on yourself for your resolution. Don’t plan with two or three people to lose weight together and then give up when they give up. 

“Think about your New Year’s Resolution as something personal to you and you alone.” – Fred Cary

It is tempting to add people to those plans. If they come that is great, but if they don’t keep doing what you want to do on your own. 

Have a Plan to Move Forward with Life

“Think of a New Year’s Resolution as a plan for the next chapter of your life.” – Fred Cary

Besides all the horrible things that happened in 2020, we are still alive, kicking, and thinking about the next year. The crisis made us more resilient. We have learned that as bad as things get, we can still make it. 

So, now that you have fortitude and determination, take your beautiful journal, and make a plan with goals you can measure every month. Every time you see you are getting closer to your dream goal you feel happier and more motivated to keep going. 

Have A Positive Outlook

“You are the most important person in the world. Treat yourself that way.” – Fred Cary

Make your goals about you, and the world will follow. Depend on the world, and you are never going to get there. Don’t forget to be positive because negative things are only temporary. The only way to change the world is to start with yourself. Go out, be awesome, and the rest will follow. 

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