IdeaPros Reviews – Fifi Lynn Larney – Stacked

By tessa 19th Aug, 2019

Stacked was designed to elegantly and conveniently store stemless and stemmed wine glasses together.

Fifi decided to partner with IdeaPros to launch Stacked. IdeaPros is selective and Fifi liked that and feels privileged to be selected. Like most future IdeaPros partners, Fifi did her homework and went to San Diego to meet with the IdeaPros team. The meeting satisfied her concerns and the working relationships with the team have proved outstanding: “IdeaPros is like a family to us,” always supportive, “honest, incredible people to work with.” Looking back, Fifi knows that choosing IdeaPros was the right decision: “You can’t do everything. If I were to do everything they’ve done myself, it would cost me three times as much.” Fifi believes the opportunity to learn from the experienced IdeaPros partners will sharpen her own business skills, adding additional value to her enterprise.

Currently, Stacked is on the IdeaProsLaunchpad and will be available for preorder soon. But, being creative and energetic, Fifi has nine other products that she’s currently marketing. Fifi’s “Dream Book” is not finished, but her search for a new career path has been successfully completed.