Now You’re Launching – Prepare For The Marathon, Not The Sprint


Now You’re Launching – Prepare For The Marathon, Not The Sprint

You are getting closer to launching your product or app? Good for you! But don’t expect it to be easy because great things take time and energy to build. We talked to the CEO of IdeaPros, Fred Cary, about how to prepare for the marathon, not the sprint to increase your chances for success.

The Journey

No matter what type of business you’re going into, anything from the medical profession to the latest app, it’s a journey. It is the only journey where people give up a 40-hour job to work 80 hours a week without pay. 

“You have to break the rules, beat the odds, and do extraordinary things all the time to win this race.” – Fred Cary

Some people believe that someone else is going to make them a multi-millionaire without them doing anything. At IdeaPros, we give our partners an unfair advantage, but ultimately the only person that can make you successful is you. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will blame someone else. 

The fundamental difference between successful entrepreneurs and others is their ability to wake up and run into the same wall day after day until they break through it. They make it because they believe. They didn’t run hard enough the last time that type of mentality, belief system, and self-assurance will get you to the finish line. Google is a great example of how victorious you can be when you don’t quit too early. But if you start populating your essence with disbelief and self-doubt, then you will crush your dream. 

“Don’t give up and don’t listen to what people tell you.” – Fred Cary

The Passion

You have to be an extraordinary person to win the race. It is not only about training, having the right tools, and breathing. It is about having the heart for the race. No matter how much you prepare, things WILL go wrong. What happens when marketing doesn’t work or you get a lukewarm reception from people? If your heart isn’t in it, you will start doubting you made the right decision leaving your 9-to-5 job.  But if you understand that obstacles are part of the process, the learning experience and continue trying, you have a chance at success. The first reason 22% of new businesses fail in the first year is there is no market. The second reason is there’s no passion. 

“When you have expectations instead of passion then you are going to lose.” – Fred Cary

You should be well-trained. You should know what you’re doing and where the invisible walls are. But the crucial skill is to get up and keep going. Don’t look outward for explanations for your failures. Take responsibility and ownership of your mistakes. Fix the issues preventing you from getting to the next level. 

The Battle Of One

The fortitude and the belief system to make it happen, no matter the ups and downs, make you a true entrepreneur. There will always be roadblocks to pass, as the journey is sometimes more like a gladiator battle than a marathon. A continuous battle to better yourself and your product. Think about version two and version three. Listen to your consumers, look at the feedback and the bad reviews. Your product is the first of many things you will create. Celebrate your successes, but always think about the next steps. There are more products and apps inside of you. 

“Don’t be complacent. Don’t sit back and watch your revenue increase. Start building up your battle plan for how you’re gonna handle the competitors. Evolve your product to win your consumers’ hearts and minds and have them become passionate advocates of what you have.” – Fred Cary

Being successful isn’t a miracle, it is a long and hard battle to get to the finish line. That battle is inside of you. You are meant to do this. You have the sword, the shield, and the playing field.  Go out and win.

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