Ready To Launch! The Journey From Concept to Conquest Every App Must Take


Ready To Launch! The Journey From Concept to Conquest Every App Must Take

“Building an app is like building a roadway that gets your information to the right people.” – Fred Cary

More than just engineering quality software, building an app is a long journey from concept to conquest every App must take. We talked to Fred Cary, Co-Founder, and CEO of IdeaPros, and Michael P. Ryan, our partner and the creator of the Recite App, about what we should do on this journey before we are ready to launch.

The Story Behind the Recite App

Mike was working on his idea long before he came to IdeaPros. He has an IT background and experience in creating similar software. At one point he realized there is much more to it than just building the app. The original idea for the app stemmed from his divorce process in which he and his lawyers were exchanging a huge quantity of information that was difficult to locate after a certain period of time. He thought it would be great to have a tool that would gather all the information, no matter the format, and make it easier to find it when needed. It would save precious time and energy spent on locating and resending the information. Once he partnered with IdeaPros, the original concept pivoted a lot. 

Recite App Today

Today, we are launching the beta form of the app and are asking people to download it, use it, and give us feedback, so we can make it better. From the information receiver used in the legal divorce process, it has pivoted to a great project management tool with numerous applications. It could be used for business as well as a private organizational tool that helps you create family albums, for example. You can organize information through folders that can be connected to your contacts and share content with all the people you are working with. You can use it as an app or its website version, which lets you access the content from all devices. All the information is stored on secure servers and protected from any misuse. Imagine having all your information in one place and being able to access it in a matter of seconds? With the Recite App, you don’t have to imagine anymore! Check it out now and tell us what you think!

“Recite organizes your life in every single way that you could imagine.” – Fred Cary

Build a Business, Not An App

Realizing that your journey is not just about building an app is the first step. If you want to find your place in a world where 10,000 new apps are being launched every day, you will have to do a lot more than that. You do want people to find your app important, download it and use it, right? You have to ask these people for an opinion and make changes to your original idea. The process is more than the app itself. It is about offering a solution to a particular problem people have. This is why our partners often exit with a very different product or app from the one they come to us with. Ask the right questions. You shouldn’t worry about HOW we are going to build your app or HOW LONG it would take to build it. 

“These questions are irrelevant because you’re not building an app. You’re building a business.” – Fred Cary

Before you launch, research the market, and position your app. Understand who is your audience, join groups on social media, and build a community that will be ready to download and use your app once you launch. Learn as much as you can because you don’t want to be in the dark. It is all about delivering a much-needed solution and delivering it in a way will inspire people to download it, use it, love it, and become passionate advocates of your brand. 

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