Social Media Setup Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

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Social Media Setup Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

You want to take advantage of all those people on social media, but it seems like it would take an eternity just to set up your accounts and get started? In today’s show, Tessa Ashford, the Director of Marketing at IdeaPros, will guide you through building all social media accounts within a 30-minute timeframe. Learn how to stake your territory with these social media setup tips you don’t want to miss. 

Getting Started with Social Media

Usually, when our partners have finished their trademark search and have gotten their trademark filed, we can move on to seizing the social media channels so that they all match. The good news is you don’t have to have logos or branding done to do that.

Don’t worry if, at times, you have to get a little creative; there are many channels taken out there. I would recommend that at least Facebook and Instagram have the same profile name as these two are interchangeable, and it is easy for you to add to both channels simultaneously. If you can get all the social media channels to be the same, you are golden.

Setting Up My Social Media Accounts, Easy or Difficult?

Most accounts that you will set up, like Twitter, are just going to be a login and password. You will pick it and then share it with whoever needs access because there is no admin feature. Others, like Facebook and Instagram, are tied to your personal profiles. 

“LinkedIn may take longer to set up since it is more of a resume, but keep in mind that LinkedIn is where investors and high-paying corporate clients are. “ – Tessa Ashford 

Set up all of these accounts on a computer as it is way easier than a mobile version. The mobile version hides things in weird places. You can copy and paste from your computer and create a document with the basic information you need.


Starting with Facebook, you are going to go to your personal page. From there you should be able to see a flag. If you are active on other pages, you may have to expand to see more. From here, you are going to create a new page. The page name will be exactly how you would see it.

Example: Tessa’s Rad Page. The next step is to pick a category. You can pick up to three then you will add the description. For now, it is okay to say “coming soon” because no one is going to see this page until it gets going. Finally, hit “create a page.” Now Facebook is creating that page with that business name, but it is not set yet. You are going to skip images, skip ad cover, and then hit save to create the page. Facebook will bring up a connection for WhatsApp. It’s a great thing to have for your business, but if you are not ready to take those messages, you can always add them later. 

Now your page is created and you can view it. You can now add important things to it, but there is only one thing that we need to check off as being done: the create username section. 

Clicking on “create a username” is claiming your name. The @ sign that you will be referred to in this case. You will not have any spaces or apostrophes. You want to think about how this will look. As you will want Instagram and Facebook to match if possible. You may pick one for Facebook like @tessasradpage, and it may not be available on Instagram. 

 At you can check what usernames are available. 

“Do a little research. Find out if your domain name or name is available on those platforms before starting this process. “ – Tessa Ashford

Once you have your username in then, your page is set.  


Setting up LinkedIn is also a pretty easy one to do. You will log into your personal profile, and on the top, you will go to “work.” Next, you are going to create a company page which can be found down on the side. You can decide which one you are, but the preferred option is to choose small businesses. When you are typing here, you will want to use accurate typing. I personally don’t like to have the dashes and will remove them if it allows me. For now, simply focus on anything that has a star.  Be aware that LinkedIn likes to update and send out information regarding your page. 

You don’t have to put a logo or tagline at the moment. Once you have all the important things that need to be entered done, you can click “create a page.” If you are missing something, it will let you know. At this point, you have a page and can keep going with the setup, but you can always go back and finish this. 


Log out of your personal account and switch accounts. This is where you will see the “sign up” button. If it continues to give you the vicious cycle, which it very well might, then you can go to an incognito window and enter that same information. Now it does not know you, and you can move forward. 

You could log in with Facebook, though I prefer not to as I have seen people have trouble getting out of the mess that it can create. Enter your email and username. You want it to be the same as what you have used on everything else, if possible. If it cannot be the same, you will want it to be as similar as possible. Instagram will require you to verify. Once you have verified, you will be able to log in and see that you now have an Instagram Page. 

That’s three done! While they are not completely finished, they are created and that is what we want. 


Your new Pinterest account should be the same as the others, if possible. 

Now you have a login and a password, enter your name, (example: Tessa’s Rad Page), and pick interests that are relevant to your business. Once that is done, it is going to show you different information based on that. Once you have made it through all of that, you will go ahead and save. You will want to go to your page and make sure that it is set up as a business. If it is not, then you can click “convert to business” in the settings. There will be a couple more steps that you will have to get through. Once you have finished all of that and clicked save then, you are finished!

Another one accomplished!


Last, but not least: Twitter! 

Twitter is an easy one: just click sign up, add a phone number, and pick the same consistent date that you have used for the others. Once it is verified, you can choose a password. 

From there, you can choose to skip until you reach your page. Make sure it is reading correctly. If the username creates itself but does not match what you would like it to, you can change it  although it’s a bit of a process. You will go click on “more” down the side and go into “settings and privacy.” From there, click on your account, and look at your account information. You will have to confirm your password before you can get your account information. 

Once you are done, look at your username. Remember, you want it to be the same or as similar as possible to the others. 

And you’re done!

We have now created Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. All in hopefully less than 30 minutes! 

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