Ready, Set, Start! – The Entrepreneurs’ Journey from Thought to Action!


Ready, Set, Start! – The Entrepreneurs’ Journey from Thought to Action!

Thinking about leaping into the entrepreneurial world? We talked to Caitlin Willis and Jason Benoit about their journey from thought to action and what they had to do to get ready, set, and start. Learn more about how the concept comes to fruition from their amazing stories! 

Caitlin Willis

Caitlin is probably one of the youngest IdeaPros partner, and it is a pleasure to have someone so young taking the entrepreneurial journey with us. As a student herself, she came up with an idea to help students around the world. She focuses on the “why” and believes that finding and understanding our why helps motivate us daily and get the work done. Always carrying her books around, she writes out her core values, schedule, and all the things she needs to do, critique, or fix. 

“The dedication and the purposeful “why” is what gets the work done.” – Caitlin Willis

Caitlin is the winner of our Instagram contest. She is still at the beginning phase of the process, but she is already aware of the importance of preparation. Knowing that there will always be something that won’t work out, having the mindset to bounce back from the challenges, and the ability to see the opportunities in the dark is essential for every entrepreneur. 

Jason Benoit

Jason has known his “why” since he was around 12. He’s been exercising his whole life, and he has always had a passion for exercise and fitness. Although he didn’t pursue anything in health and wellness in college, 20 years ago, he invented and patented a product to overcome the lack of space for large fitness equipment. One thing led to another, and finally, the entrepreneurial side of his passion started to take shape about five years ago. The path he took has brought him where he is today because everything happens for a reason. He believes that your idea can become a reality at any point in your life.

“If you have a passion for something, don’t let it go. It’s never too late, and it’s never early.” – Jason Benoit

Jason is getting closer to the end of his journey with IdeaPros, which is just the beginning of his journey as a true entrepreneur. The advice he has is about being prepared for whatever comes your way. Even though you can’t prepare for everything, you can mentally be in a state where you know anything can happen. It helps you get through it a lot quicker. Use all the resources available and always be ready to learn. 

Lessons Learned

Keep an open mind and blend your core values with your business to help you stay motivated and consistent. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. If you prefer security over tough decisions, maybe this is not the path for you. But if you are eager to learn, ready to bounce back from the challenges, and you understand success doesn’t come overnight, there is nothing that can stop you.

The “Idea Pros” at IdeaPros have the resources, experience, and tools to help you at this step or any step in the entrepreneurial journey.

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