Startup Funding

We’re a strategic partner that has helped over 90 startups raise adequate company funding, with a combined 30 years of experience. Unlike traditional venture capitalists and investors, we do not require previous sales minimums in order to engage in a partnership. This helps us to help our clients realize their American dream sooner.

How We Generate Funding for Startups

  • Online Pre-Orders: We generate product pre-orders using the consumer as the investor
  • Crowdfunding: We assist our partners with crowd sourcing best practices to generate funding
  • Angel Investments: We tap our network of angel investors to grow business connections while raising financial support
  • Venture Capitalists: We open new doors to venture capitalist investments by helping with preliminary product development and demand generation that leads to sales.

Contact us today to discuss our partnership potential. We’re here to discuss your idea and provide guidance. Simply contact us at 1-858-360-4332 with any questions.

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Feedback from Our Partners

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