Would You Jump Out Of An Airplane Without A Parachute?

By trusting a so-called licensing company, you’re doing exactly that!

Can your idea or startup really afford a leap of faith that has less than a 0.001%** chance of success?

Introducing The Alternative Solution – Direct to Consumer with IdeaPros!

The landscape has changed dramatically. Brick and mortar, which is still a powerful channel of distribution, is no longer the only player in town. More and more companies are selling direct to the consumer online. It is that direct sales approach that has allowed inventors to transcend into entrepreneurs.

IdeaPros Invention Promotion Co’s
Go To Market Strategy Produce License
Methodology Pre-Orders 12 Month Patent
Distribution Direct to Consumer / Online Brick and Mortar / Retail
Surveys and Focus Groups
Improve and Enhance Product
Find Product/Market Fit
Your Role Entrepreneur Inventor
Relationship To You Partner Service Provider
Survival/Success Rates Businesses ~ 50%* Licensing ~ .001%**
* Average business survival rate after 5 years. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Employment Dynamics
** Typical licensing success rate

Invention promotion companies claim they can help inventors get a patent and a licensing deal. This approach does not work for the vast majority and we don’t recommend you try to beat the odds with them. IdeaPros provides a completely different approachWe Sell Your Product Direct to Consumers!

By Selling The Product First with online pre-orders, we fund your inventory and position you to achieve your ultimate goal – whether it’s a full-blown product launch, selling the orders, or a cash buyout.

We believe the key to success is to be an entrepreneur, not an inventor, by building a well-positioned company and then choosing the first product to build and launch. When we partner with you we undertake all aspects of company and business creation.

More and more brick-and-mortar retailers are watching online trends, and if a product is selling online, finding a distributor to open the door to brick and mortar is achievable. While the investment to achieve success is higher selling direct to consumers rather than simply inventing and licensing your concept, the chances for success are much higher too.

Today, a startup no longer has to roll the dice and pray for a licensing deal. There is now a clear path to the end-consumer that is reachable. Today, the only true barrier to success is whether or not your product or app is good enough for a consumer to like and buy it.

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