IdeaPros Lawsuit: Anyone Can Sue Anybody for Anything

IdeaPros Lawsuit

The IdeaPros Lawsuit

Over 20,000 potential partners have contacted us in the last two years. We decided to partner with just under 200 of those applicants after an extensive review. With this 1% acceptance rate, you can tell that we care about the projects we take. We scrutinize them, and then only partner on projects that we believe have a legitimate opportunity for success. In other words, IdeaPros is hardly a company that takes anything that comes our way or that just takes the money and doesn’t do much with it. If that were the case, why not take the other 99% that wanted to work with us?

Taking A Risk

In 2017, we accepted a partner who had a vacant motel that she wanted to turn into a resort and spa. She came to us for help in designing, marketing and then crowdfunding her project. She was so convincing that we agreed to accept payments of her contribution in installments. Unfortunately, that partner stopped making payments. What did we do? We kept working for three additional months. Still, she wouldn’t pay the balance of her contribution. When we finally decided we needed to pause our work, she responded by hiring an attorney and suing IdeaPros seeking over $600,000.

The Five-Star Review

It’s ironic that just the month before the forced work stoppage, Ms. Rawlings gave us a five-star review. You can find that here: Five stars are typical for our partners. We know every person who has left a Trustpilot review for us – and we cherish the relations we have, even when things get tough, as they tend to do with every startup. Now, in Ms. Rawlings’ IdeaPros lawsuit she alleges without any facts that every one of our reviews is “probably” either fake or coerced.

The Work We Did

IdeaPros spent many months working on designs for Ms. Rawlings aspiring resort property, its common areas, and new rooms. We conducted many hours of research on competitive resorts investigating how she could be positioned above them. We proposed a completely new vision than the one she initially had to target a market niche that we believed had great potential. According to our research, it could quadruple the rate she was hoping to get per room.

In short, we re-positioned her rundown property, known as Ziba Gardens, as a destination resort, “The Falls Lodge & Spa.” And we did this all with the $15,000 she contributed towards her two-million dollar dream.

After three months of defaulted payments, we had to stop our work since we were completely upside down on the project. Instead of being appreciative that we were able to keep the project on hold and that we offered to help her find financing so she could come up with the remaining contribution, she decided to file this lawsuit.

More About Mr. Scott Sanborn

Before he filed the lawsuit, IdeaPros invited Ms. Rawlings’s attorney, Scott Sanborn to come in, see what we do. We told him he could pick any five partner projects and we’d arrange for him to immediately speak with them. He declined that offer, filed this lawsuit, and then posted the complaint on his website.

This Is An Unfortunate Situation

Even though this situation is an insult to our business and key staff, IdeaPros is confident we will prevail, and that we will clear our good name.

We encourage those reading this article to be aware of the commitment needed to be successful in business. As much as we want our business atmosphere to always be sunny, sometimes the storm clouds gather. And sometimes, being right and ethical isn’t enough. Nevertheless, we are proud of our rate of partner satisfaction, which is 99% on the date of this writing.

We Are Proud of the Work We Do

To be fair, though, we are just like any other partnership – sometimes we argue, we disagree, we disappoint – and we amaze – but always with a mind towards an excellent ending and successful launch. We are proud of that. We are proud of the work we did for Ms. Rawlings. Please keep an eye on our website because in just a few weeks we’ll be going live with our LAUNCHPAD which will feature our first products that are going to market – a dozen of them.

Join us, support our partners, and see why so many people love working with us.

Check Out Our TrustPilot Reviews

We ask you to click here to read our Trustpilot Reviews and judge us on our many, many successes and appreciative partners, instead of the unproved allegations in a single IdeaPros lawsuit. We encourage you to put us to the test.

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