IdeaPros position on Camilla Rawlings’ lawsuit and her attorney, Scott Sanborn

We have interacted with over 18,000 potential partners and have around 150 active partners we are building projects with. Only one of them decided to sue us, and that was when we had to stop working after she reneged on a payment plan she had agreed to. Just one month before we had to stop she gave us a five star review which you can find here: And she had sent several emails praising our work, which we have secured.

Background: Ms. Rawlings, who claimed to be earning $350,000 a year, paid a contribution of just $15,000 of the $30,000 she agreed to. This woman had no product, no invention; she owns a hotel she wanted to convert into a resort. And she wanted our marketing and design expertise to help her develop it.

We spent months doing new designs for her rooms and common areas, research to look at other resorts in the U.S. and to figure out how she could position hers competitively. After February of 2018 we had to stop work because she claimed she wasn’t able to pay the balance of her contribution and we were completely upside down on her project. Instead of being grateful that we were willing to just keep the project on hold until she came up with the necessary resources, she decided to file a vindictive and meritless lawsuit that we are not only defending vigorously but also counter-suing on. In fact, due to the unstable nature of this woman, we had even offered – prior to any lawsuit – to give her the entirety of her contribution back and just take our losses instead of dealing with a person like this.

Her lawyer, Scott Sanborn, has been practicing law for two years, makes untruthful claims on his website about his expertise and exclusivity and, in our opinion, is trying to extort money from us without any grounds for his unresearched and, in most instances, completely false claims that any reasonable person should know are not true (making claims of us not helping her with her “invention” when she has a hotel; making consumer claims against us when we were two businesses working together to make hers successful.) And, he admitted in writing that he included our director of project management as a defendant in the suit, not due to any facts or allegations of wrongdoing, but only to try to get her to be on his side in the lawsuit – that’s actionable and disgusting! We are planning on suing him and his client for libel and slander after we get this case dismissed. While Mr. Sanborn can say whatever he wants in a courtroom and be protected from his libelous comments, that privilege does not extend to his repetition of such claims outside the courtroom, which he has done. You can rest assured we are pursuing all our rights against this attorney who, in our opinion, should not even be allowed to practice law. After just one hearing he has already asked a very well-known judge to recuse herself because he doesn’t think she’s being “fair” with him. And, though this case is pending, we view his actions as so questionable that we have filed a California Bar complaint against him.

Mr. Sanborn was invited, pre-lawsuit, to come to our office, see what we do, hand-pick any five of our projects, and talk to our partners to see what their experience had been. We also offered to give him the names of everyone that filed a review for us so he could see, opposite from his later claims, that they were all legitimate reviews. He refused on all counts and, instead, filed this scandalous and meritless suit. We believe these actions to be unethical and we intend on filing a Bar complaint against him as well as a lawsuit for his reckless disregard for the norms of due diligence and good faith required of any attorney prior to filing a destructive lawsuit like this. While this is unfortunate and an insult to our business and key staff, we will prevail and these people will pay for their ill-designed attempts at extorting us.

If you would like to discuss this further please don’t hesitate to ask your IdeaPros specialist and we’ll be happy to speak in greater detail.