IdeaPros position on Camilla Rawlings’ lawsuit and her attorney, Scott Sanborn

Since its founding in 2017, over 20,000 potential partners have contacted IdeaPros. We decided to partner with just under 200 of those applicants after an extensive review. With this 1% acceptance rate, you can tell that IdeaPros cares about the projects we take. We scrutinize potential partners, and we only partner on projects that we believe have a legitimate opportunity for success. We presently have around 200 active partners with whom we are building projects. Only one of our partners has ever sued us—Camilla Rawlings.

Ms. Rawlings sued IdeaPros after we had to stop working on our partnership with her because she reneged on a payment plan she had agreed to. IdeaPros spent months doing new designs for the rooms and common areas of her aspiring resort property. We conducted research to look at other resorts in the U.S. and to figure out how she could position hers competitively. In February 2018, Ms. Rawlings gave us a five-star review on You can see that review here:

After February of 2018 we had to stop work because she claimed she wasn’t able to pay the balance of her partnership contribution and we were completely upside down on her project. Instead of being grateful that we were willing to assist her in seeking financing and simply keep the project on hold until she came up with the necessary resources, she decided to file a vindictive and meritless lawsuit. Then her attorney Scott Sanborn posted her complaint, replete with verifiably false allegations, on his website.

Before he filed suit, we invited Mr. Sanborn to come to our office to see what we do. We said we would let him hand-pick any five of our projects, and talk to our partners to see what their experience had been. We also offered to give him the names of everyone that filed a review for us so he could see, opposite from his later claims, that they were all legitimate reviews. He refused on all counts and, instead, filed this scandalous and meritless suit.

While IdeaPros is greatly distressed to have its good name publicly derided by Mr. Sanborn on his website, the outrageous allegations in Ms. Rawlings complaint are only allegations. The actual facts will come out in court, and IdeaPros is confident that the truth will vindicate our good name. That will take time, and we are letting our lawyers fight that fight in court where civil disputes belong—not over the internet, where anyone can say anything.

In the meantime, we have work to do for our committed partners. And that is where IdeaPros is focusing its attention and our energy—doing what we love.

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