IdeaPros position on Inventorwarning website and Invention Promotion Scams

IdeaPros was founded in part because we saw so many inventors and entrepreneurs being sucked into the “patent then license” model being pushed by invention help companies.  Not only does this process NOT work except by a miracle, the companies promoting such an approach generally could care less if your project “makes it”; in fact, less than 1/10th of 1% of the inventors/entrepreneurs that go to them actually make more money than they paid.  So, please, whatever solution you end up going with, do not use these types of companies as you will get nothing but frustration and an empty pocket.

We also want to point out something about the author, Thomas Hammersmith, and his “inventorwarning” website. First of all, he’s never worked with us and you’ll see no way to reach him on his site to set things straight. Second, IdeaPros is NOT an invention promotion company or an invention marketing firm. We are a Super Venture Partner™ that takes an equity interest in startups with innovative products or apps to bring to market; we are more akin to an angel investor or an incubator. While we largely agree with some of his comments about the types of companies mentioned above, this person has chosen to bundle us and other legitimate companies into the article.  Our attorneys are working on litigation, so we can right this wrong. Here are just a couple of other legitimate and honest organizations that this person (or company) has listed as scam companies: They are a patent LAWFIRM. They do nothing but file patents, just like every other patent attorney in the U.S.  United Inventors’ Association is a non-profit designed to help inventors.  It does nothing in the sense of invention promoting.  That’s us!  Take your time and read about what we do and why we do it.  We have ZERO to do with utilizing the obsolete and ineffective approach of “patent then license”. It doesn’t work. If you’re an entrepreneur that believes in yourself and your product or app, you owe it to yourself to get informed about solutions that actually work. Come talk to us and let’s see if we’re a potential fit.