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IdeaPros is on a global search to discover the next successful entrepreneurs - the innovators that can change the way we live. If you think that's you, let's take a look at your breakthrough idea, invention, product or app. We will potentially partner with you to validate, pre-sell, and distribute your innovation, but first we need to take you through our process below.

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Step One

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Step Two

We review your application to see if it meets our criteria

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Step Three

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Step Four

We review your qualification form to see if we want to partner

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Step Five

If you are accepted we begin the offer process

IdeaPros is the only partner you'll ever need.

We provide a complete startup partnership that includes expertise in surveys and experiments, validation, idea refinement and pivoting, development, sourcing, pre-orders, crowdfunding, direct and online sales, and we leverage the latest strategies in outsourcing and social marketing.

What We Do

IdeaPros is the world's first Super Venture Partner™

Why Us

Better Model - PRE-ORDERS

Evidence-Based Approach

Raise Capital

Strategically Located To Manufacture

We're Seasoned Operators


Better Model - PRE-ORDERS

Taking a great idea and turning it into a marketable product is overwhelming and fraught with complexities and pitfalls. Our mission is to elevate the success rate of new innovative products and help entrepreneurs grow their ideas into viable companies that change the world.

We achieve our mission by generating Pre-Orders to prove the market and raise funding. We’ve created a low-cost, low-risk, partner-model to minimize the financial risks and maximize the potential upside for entrepreneurs.

IdeaPros provides custom, hands on partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to sell their products and generate pre-orders!


Evidence-Based Approach

IdeaPros takes an evidence-based approach with surveys and focus groups so you can fail fast and learn what customers really want. This enables you to maximize the possibility that an idea becomes a marketable product. IdeaPros offers entrepreneurs a way to test their vision so they can position themselves for success.

IdeaPros partners with entrepreneurs to create world-changing companies, predicated on what customers really want.


Raise Capital

Entrepreneurs create over 6 million new businesses each year in the United States alone, and yet only a fraction receive funding. We’ve set out to change that by creating funding partnerships that enable companies to raise capital and get pre-orders at the same time. Online pre-orders, which have funding built-in, are more efficient than traditional fundraising because the consumer is your investor.

IdeaPros also prepares and executes funding campaigns, including crowdfunding, angel investors, and venture capital. Once you prove there is a market for your product, opportunities to grow will follow

IdeaPros helps off-the-radar products get pre-orders and funding.


Strategically Located To Manufacture

If you desire a full product launch, our location is fundamental to your startup and growth. San Diego is a bi-national manufacturing mega-region because of its geographic proximity to Mexico. Manufacturing in Mexico is perfect for prototype creation, preproduction units, and just-in-time, on-demand delivery! IdeaPros is connected with over 3,600 contract manufacturers in Mexico with a wide array of capabilities.

Commercializing a new product idea with manufacturing is faster and easier after your have pre-orders. Give your product the best chance for success with IdeaPros.


We're Seasoned Operators

We’ve assembled a team of experienced entrepreneurs to help new business owners start and grow businesses around unique ideas. Collectively, our team has been very blessed to generate over $1 Billion in funding and sales results. And we build everything from a foundation predicated on a commitment to honesty, integrity and trust. IdeaPros is the most comprehensive strategic partner available for start-ups – anywhere in the world.

Whether you are just starting your first million dollar idea, or are an experienced business owner who wants to sell more product, IdeaPros can assist and advise you at any stage of the process.


Q. What is your initial criteria to accept a new partnership?

  • A unique product or app that has the potential to capture significant market share
  • Ability to partially invest in yourself (we will be responsible for most of the budget)
  • No brick-and-mortar or service businesses. We love all entrepreneurs, it’s just not what we do
  • We must receive a minority equity position in the company we form together
  • Both you and your startup idea must be approved by our Investment Committee

Q. How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

This is something that never happens when dealing with any reputable company. But we understand it’s still a concern for some. So, when you submit your idea to IdeaPros our Confidentiality Agreement is automatically activated on your behalf. We review hundreds of applications a month; we would never risk our reputation over one idea. Are we reputable? Check out our reviews if you haven’t.

Q. Are you Shark Tank?

Many people compare us to Shark Tank, but we can actually help much earlier in the process because we will partner with entrepreneurs that don’t have sales or revenue yet.

Q. Can you get me a patent and a licensing deal?

Any company that promises you a patent and a licensing deal is just telling you what you want to hear. It doesn’t happen except in very rare occasions. If you still want a licensing deal, your odds become much higher when your product has been perfectly designed to meet demand and proven with pre-orders or sales. We provide a different approach to get your product or app to market.

Q. Do you really do ALL the work to create my business?

We have a highly skilled, professional team that builds out every single deliverable that must be considered in order to maximize the opportunity for success. When we undertake to do all the work to build your product/app/business we know that it will be done right and, therefore, the risk that we face as your partner becomes much lower. So yes, we do it all – it helps you – and it protects us. You must be a true go-getter ready to learn and take over operations in about a year.

Q. What do you do as my partner?

As your partner, we will cut up to 75% of the time and capital that it takes to launch, and we do all the work to build your company and your product/app expertly, using over 30 years of experience to your advantage. In exchange, we want a minority stake in your new organization.

Q. Who owns the majority of the company?

You do. We are a minority owner. The exact percentage is case by case depending on how much of the total budget you cover. You will always be the majority owner and you’ll be able to dictate how the company is run – although we’re there to give you advice every step of the way after we launch.

Q. How are profits distributed?

All the revenue goes through you and you pay us our percentage of profits each quarter.