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As your strategic partner, we go the extra mile to ensure products and apps are patented properly. Navigation legal requirements in the patenting process can be daunting, but professional guidance and expertise can help you acquire a patent quickly.

How Patenting Your Idea or Invention Works:

These steps and tips to the patenting process will help prepare you for what to expect.

What You’ll Need:
  • Patent Search: You cannot get a patent on a product if the government has issued rights over it. Therefore, you need to do a patent search prior to applying for a patent.
  • Competitor Research: Competition is a sign of a healthy market.  We’ll help you with competitive landscape research before we get started with the patent process.
  • Market Research: Know that the demand for your product is there. Gain real market feedback to assess positioning and demand.
    • Pro Tip: Don’t get so married to an existing product design that you miss out on opportunities for improvement. If needed, pivot and tweak your design or idea to appeal to more customers
  • Patent Drawings: Drawings are included with a patent application to illustrate the invention and some of its features or methods of carrying out the invention.
How the Patenting Process Works:

IdeaPros can help you with all of the steps above. Once you’ve done your patent search, background research, and patent drawings, we’ll be ready to get into the process for securing that patent. Generally, the process looks like this:

  1. Acquire Attorney: IdeaPros can refer you to independent patent attorneys at discounted rates.
  2. Fill Out Application: The patent attorney will work with you to fill out your patent paperwork and attach your patent drawings before submitting it to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
  3. Note: IdeaPros is not an attorney and cannot offer legal advice.

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