Start Here. Let’s review how prepared you are to Build!

Building starts with reviewing or developing a Requirements Document that lays out all the features and functions of your product or service. Reasons founders get off schedule and off track is because they have not developed a clear project plan to deliver their MVP and finished product to market. Tell me about where you are at!

Are you Stuck? Consider these IdeaPros® Offerings

Maker Live

Join us for a live session with IdeaPros  to learn how to get started on your requirements for your idea and how to build MVP and Team.

  • IdeaPros PMs teach you value of Requirements Documentation
  • Learn how to organize your idea into a project plan
  • Get insights on latest softwares and technologies

Maker Intensive

IdeaPros Virtual 4 Week Workshop will take you step by step and one-on-one through building your requirements documentation and project plan for outsourcing, in-sourcing or do it yourself!

  • Intensive Training to Master your Idea to MVP to Final Product
  • Step by Step, Hands-on building of your Project Plan (12 Month Software Plan Included)
  • Interactive IdeasPros Assessments & Feedback

Maker Outsourcing

IdeaPros will work with you to build your requirements and project plan center and hire the required team and resources. Includes onboarding of designers, developers & marketers.

  • Onboarding of your idea and preparing requirements and project center

  • Recruiting your team of designers, developers & marketers

  • Monthly Management and Consulting

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