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Katie K – Phoenix, AZ

I have been searching for help with my project for the last three years and was so excited to find IdeaPros. Their company and team members are professional and reliable. My project is in the beginning stages but I feel this dream is in the right hands as we work together to bring it to life. They are constantly in touch with me through every stage and I would recommend them to everyone looking for a partner to take their idea to the next level and beyond. They are friendly and extremely knowledgeable in each of their areas of expertise. IdeaPros is with you every step of the way, and I am honored to be their partner. If you don’t know what your next move will be for your project, this is the right place for you!
Rated 5/5

Mark G – Niagara Falls, NY

My partner and I have been working with IdeaPros for about a year on my app called Tote delivery, Everything was going famously until it came time to build our app. My partner and I came into financial trouble when it came time to build our app, It was going to be either pay our bills or get Tote developed. In response to this IdeaPros told us they were willing to develop the app for us and we could pay them monthly payments when it was more financially convenient for us. They even substantially lowered the payment amount we would pay when the time came and we were able. This is the value of having IdeaPros as a partner, They truly care about each project and more importantly they truly care about people and it is reflected in every interaction we have ever had with them.
Rated 5/5

Lindsey F – Cameron, NC

I’m truly appreciative of the experience and knowledge the IdeaPros team has. With every step of the project they all have been supportive and professional. The work of each individual thru each step is beyond amazing! Thank you
Rated 5/5

Robert R – Irvine, CA

Even though I have worked with them for a short time, I could tell immediately this group knows what they are doing. They have a ton of real world experience. Professional and genuinely interested in what I am trying to accomplish with my invention. Best part is they are transparent. Of course they want to make a profit. We all do. But they are different then other consultants and investor portals. They are upfront on disclosures and explain the program in detail. No surprises or tricks. Startups are a tricky business, so getting the right group to help you, is key. Happy with IdeaPros and you will too.
Rated 5/5

Erez A – Miami Beach, FL

My name is Erez originally from Israel but I live in miami for the past 7 years . I’m 30 years old and always had the passion to succeed in my life.

Back in June 4 2016 when I decided to start my new delicious hot sauce product I wanted to bring something different to the market
Something that no one have tried before.

I started looking for investors and people that can help me elevate the product to the right place. It took me 2 years to get to the hands of idea pros .
And since that moment I can surely say that I did the best decision So far .
The whole team was super warm, kind, and very welcoming after my first time visit Down in San Diego.
I highly recommend anyone that consider his great idea or product to listen to what the team have to offer step by step , hand by hand .

From the beginning with Cody over the phone explaining how it all works , The chairmen MR Carry an amazing person with brilliant mind ,always there to listen and give the right advice, The Ceo Mr Michael Corradini A person with a great heart and a warm welcome , Jessica Peak the Director of Project Management , Kevin Nguyen, The project team leader , a very kind person that kept me always step by step how things should be done , week after week via emails. Txt message to make sure you understand the process. Grant Hebner, Justin Campbell the business advisor and the rest of that amazing team.
IdeaPros 💡is the only family you should be part of, and the reason why is because no other company can do it this way, in such a humbled, and honored people to be part of 🙏
I’m gald to be part of IdeaPros 💡 family
Rated 5/5

Michael S – Haymarket, VA

Idea Pros has been a very professional company. The whole staff has been excellent. The experience thus far has been extraordinary great. A+
Rated 5/5

Emily B – Scottsdale, AZ

I have been contacted by a few different “companies” wanting to make my product come to life, but the trust was NOT THERE FOR ME, THE PEOPLE WERE SO PUSHY THAT IT SEEMED WRONG, AND THEY WERE VERY UN PROFESSIONAL AS WELL!!!
WHEN I BEGAN RESEARCHING A GOOD COMPANY THAT I COULD REALLY trust, one that could possibly be my true to life partners, that’s when I finally found IDEAS PRO!
WHEN KEN, FIRST CALLED ME, WE SPOKE FOR I D SAY, ALMOST 45 MINS, AND DURING THAT ENTIRE CONVERSATION, he was 100% listening to my idea for my product that I am very, very passionate about! He was also so amazing at explaining how ideas pro works and what I loved the most was that he wasn’t there to pardon my french, ” kiss my a**!” He was there to actually interview me, to get an idea of who I truly was as a person, as an entrepreneur…then once that was established, it was then he was ready to truly great about all the details and all the actual long days i d put in on researching my product!! I was so impressed by them, that when we hung up the phone, I felt a HUGE SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AS WELL AS A FEELING THAT THIS COULD BE IT!! THESE people WERE THE ONES I WAS READY TO TRUST WITH MY LIFE BC MY PRODUCT IS MY LIFE ( SECOND TO MY CHILDREN AND HUSBAND OF COURSE)!! My belief in my product is a huge 10 for me!! I am sure it’s something very necessary to be made for sale and asap!!
Rated 5/5

Suzette & Gary – Salem, OR

I had an idea. I had an idea that I believed in that I thought had enormous potential, but I did not know how to make it real. When I found IdeaPros I thought, if anyone can help me do this, it’s them. The combined experience, knowledge, connections, and innovation of this team are unmatched; there really is nothing like them.

At first, I thought it was too good to be true. What they outlined as their contribution in the partner agreement was so far beyond anything I had expected that I had to go see for myself. My husband and I flew to San Diego to a very warm welcome, we met a lot of the team members and had detailed discussion and Q&A with Michael and Fred that left us knowing that these guys are the real deal. We cannot believe how fortunate we are to have found IdeaPros.

We are only four months into the project, so we have a way to go, but so far they have nailed it on every deliverable they committed to. They initiate communication every few weeks to keep me updated and in the loop and are always amazingly responsive whenever I have a question or concern. They make sure we all agree at every step before moving on to the next. I know with certainty that I would not be able to pull this off with any success comparable to that we expect from working with IdeaPros. I don’t have the technical knowledge, the marketing skills, the manufacturing know-how or the contacts. Seriously, people, this is the dream team, and when they are willing to take on your dream, you are very fortunate indeed. Thank you Jessica, Fred, Michael, Ken, Kody and the countless others who are working on our behalf to make this dream a reality.
Rated 5/5

Bishan O – Pelham, NY

This is my story America. I’m about 14 years of age living in the Bronx and I have an idea in my mind which sticks with me for over 24 years. I get older, get married, and now I have children, and a lovely home, but something is still missing. I explain to my wife that I have an idea and I would really love to see it come to fruition. With the support of my wife we start the process of bringing my idea to life. We started our journey by working with another company before we found IdeaPros, and that process went as far as it could go with them. You know, your always tentative, when your trying to find the right team and or partners to work with, but I will honestly and can100 percent say that IdeaPros is the best thing that happened to my wife and I. Jessica Peak, my Project Manager, is absolutely the BEST!!!! When Jessica should be asleep, she’s responding to emails and continues to work throughout the night to ensure that our project is on schedule. Her attention to detail, communicating with manufacturers around the country on our behalf on a daily basis is absolutely incredible. Our project is on going and everything is in place to complete the prototyping needed for our project, and if it were not for the entire TEAM at IdeaPros, Jessica’s professionalism, and tremendous dedication and passion for our project, I honestly feel this day wouldn’t have come. Our journey continues and our story is on going, stay tuned for the grand finale!!!!!
Rated 5/5

Jesse S – Mclean, VA

IdeaPros is an excellent company that devotes itself to developing the ideas and products of startups, and giving complete guidance to entrepreneurs. I am very impressed with the professionalism and dedication of this company. They are exceedingly knowledgeable about the process and requirements needed to take an idea to market, and create a product that is fully supported by a correctly formed and fabricated company. They meet each phase of the development plan with focus and punctuality, creating and delivering quality results. I can see they truly care about the success of my project just as much as I do, and their passion for business extends to their elegant manners and deliverables. IdeaPros took my idea, amplified, and magnified it to a much greater level. I am so glad we partnered together, and can’t wait to see the greatness and worldwide change we are able to bring through my idea and their incredible hard work. Thank you so much IdeaPros!!!
Rated 5/5

Mark H – Las Vegas, NV

If I had to describe idea pros in one word that word would be necessary. The team at idea pros have not only designed a great structure for our business but they have taught my partner and I so much along the way. Without them Our business would not be progressing the way it is today.
Rated 5/5

Shi J – San Rafael, CA

The Idea Pros team is phenomenal. I’ve been highly impressed at the team’s professionalism repeatedly reflected in their capable, creative and thorough handling of each phase of the product development process. This process in itself is a brilliant model. It’s been exciting. They have also been very responsive to our input, involving us at each stage, yet making us feel very secure and in very capable hands. Definitely surpassing my expectations at every point.
Rated 5/5

Ron V – Round Mountain, NV

IdeaPros— these guys give you 110%,working with them(well they do all the work) was a pleasant experience, they keep you in the loop the whole time asking you for your input.I would recommend them to anyone with a good idea and in need of guidance for success. THUMBS UP!
Rated 5/5

Paul N – St. Augustine, FL

Very professional. Entire team is nice, considerate and compassionate. Also on a personal side have been very thoughtful and understanding.
Rated 5/5

Lee R – Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been working with the idea pros team for over a year now it’s been a very pleasant experience, very professional on all aspects of my new invention that will be crowdfunding soon thanks to my A Team!
Rated 5/5

Angelica R – Santa Rosa, CA

I have met all the crew everybody is super nice down to earth type of people. They actually listen to you all the way. They move very fast on the projects I’m so happy that I found them.
Rated 5/5

Bob B – Newfoundland, CANADA

If quality, brilliance and service are important to you, IdeaPros are a must
Rated 5/5

Ray E – Chicago, IL

So far so good one thing I like about this company they take they time to validate your idea so it can be a winner in the market a lot other company rush your idea but IdeaPros is very very different I like that
Rated 5/5

Aziza Y – Solon, OH

It’s taken some time for me to offer a review because for one I’m not hasty in making decisions or judgement and two I wanted to offer a genuine review based on my actual experience…over time. Our partnership began in February 2018, just 120 days in and I can attest with confidence that the IdeaPros are a bonafide team of leaders! They are sincerely dedicated to ensuring your project is a success!

Very discerning in general, I have high expectations. Working with Fred and the crew has provided assurance that this project is in the right hands, I have no doubt they will exceed my expectations! There is no nonsense here, the team has superior expertise and an impeccable eye for detail. We are currently in the pivotal stages of rebranding which requires a keen eye for detail and mutual agreement. We exchange ideas readily and work together to find the best solutions to elevate our brand.

The IdeaPros are effective communicators, highly skilled and intelligent business people who will do what it takes to build a mutually beneficial brand. As a team, I highly recommend partnering, you’ll be pleased with your decision.
Rated 5/5

Michael S – Sherman, TX

After talking with several other companies including one that has a TV series S.T. I chose IdeaPros because they did the little things that mean a lot, like returning calls when they said they would, returning emails immediately, just to mention a few. After developing a phone rapport, I flew out to San Diego to meet the team and a team they are. I immediately knew IdeaPros was the company for me. They explained how things would go through phases in order to get it right the first time. After returning to Texas they have updated me weekly and when I questioned a recommendation of there’s we discussed the matter at hand as a Team, before making any decisions that could hinder our progress. To me that is essential to a great relationship and success. I have since referred a friend to IdeaPro’s and will continue to do so because unlike other companies They do what they say and say what they do!
Rated 5/5

Fifi L – Girard, OH

The days of personal customer service is so rare. Working with IdeaPros has been a breath of fresh air thus far. They make you feel as if your the only project they are working on when in reality they are working with so many projects at once. Looking forward to a long successful relationship together.
Rated 5/5

Stephanie R – Sinking Spring, PA

I am so pleased to have chosen IdeaPros as my partner. They have been so helpful in guiding me as a new entrepreneur. Their feedback is sound, they are responsive and keep me informed every step of the way. They explain everything to me in a way that I understand and help to steer me in the direction I need to go in order to be successful. They aren’t afraid to redirect my ideas and I truth them…they have years of experience and knowledge. I know what I like and what I think my product should look like–but they have the perspective of what makes more sense in the big picture. Everyone has been so helpful, professional and kind and I’m thrilled to have partnered with them.
Rated 5/5

Nick M – Saint Peter, MN

I was very skeptical about IdeaPros at first – as you should be, but as we keep moving forward I feel more comfortable.

Fast forward a month or so – your idea starts becoming reality. Be prepared to move fast, and to make personal adjustments in your life. I appreciate everything that IdeaPros has done with me thus far. I hope to post more positive reviews about IdeaPros in the near future.
Rated 5/5

Wes C – Augusta, GA

I’m absolutely satisfied with IdeaPros. There professional business approach and development team has done an outstanding job. They’ve taken my product to the next level. 10 out of 10.
Rated 5/5

Chris D – Charlotte, NC

I love these guys. They have been nothing but professional the whole step of the way. They take their time to make sure everything is done well.
Rated 5/5

Nickolas S – Blue Hill, NE

Idea Pros is second to none they truly are a great company to be a part of. I would recommend Idea Pros to everyone. To partner with them on an idea of mine and to see first hand the quality of work and the speed at which they deliver I have to say 2 thumbs way up. Great job everyone and keep up the great work!!
Rated 5/5

Damien B – Rockford, IL

IdeaPros works night and day on making sure you and your idea is as successful as it could possibly be they are very much diligent in they’re work.
Rated 5/5

Alejandro A – Coral Springs, FL

IdeaPros is the ideal partner for any project in whatever phase of the process you are in, even from just having an idea to launching your product. IdeaPros will make your vision visible and give you the opportunity to pursuit your dreams. The team is awesome, flexible, and fast-paced. It is really enjoyable to work with the whole team especially with the project leaders Jessica and Michelle, who interact with you on a weekly basis. They always have positive feedback and they make sure that as the project goes along, you go with it too. The Co-Founder Frederick Cary, makes an outstanding job keeping everything in order and looking for the best point of entry for the business. Having your business plan manage by Mr. Cary is truly an opportunity and a blessing. Also, the knowledge you acquire from working with IdeaPros is irreplaceable.

I recommend IdeaPros to those individual who have a great idea or product, and can’t figure out how to launch it in the market or raise capital. Also, you must be determined and ready to work in the same fast-paced as them. I’m nineteen years of age at the moment, so IdeaPros took a chance on me with Change Whiz and it has been truly a blessing. If you have the opportunity to partner with IdeaPros, you shouldn’t think twice about what to do…
Rated 5/5

Brad B – Guyton, GA

They have been extremely professional and very helpful with my project. I trust that my ideas are well cared for because IdeaPros success is based partly in the success of my project.
Rated 5/5

Erica L – Hattiesburg, MS

I love working with the team at Idea Pros. It has been my pleasure as well as a phenomenal experience being a part of the Idea Pros family. The teamwork is outstanding!!!
Rated 5/5

Mychael W – Meridianville, AL

This is a company which is very complete in their approach to be successful. They kept me updated every step of the way and continually requested my opinion prior to proceeding; in that it has given me a since inclusiveness. To date I’m very pleased with their results. Great job team!
Rated 5/5

Anne P – Miami, FL

The team has been awesome and easy to work with. We are so appreciative of Fred’s knowledge and input. We are in constant communication to make sure everything is perfect before launching our product. I would highly recommend idea pros without any hesitation.
Rated 5/5

Sandy C – Houston, TX

They have helped me every step of the way explaining very carefully each and every step that’s being taken. My initial calls with the team members were phenomenal and they made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I’m very excited to be working with IdeaPros, I think they are an excellent company and I’m so excited to be working side by side with them!
Rated 5/5

Clyde F – Rockville, MD

IdeaPros is a brilliant company that knows how to listen and perfect upon your design in order to bring it into development for the marketplace. They will perform the necessary business plan and construct upon your blueprint to bring your dreams into a reality.

I mean they literally know how to bring life into your invention and more. Amazingly, they have the vision to see your goals and broaden the scope of your idea. I am very, very satisfied with both the work and professionalism I have received, and yes, I would recommend this company to anyone who is serious about wanting to go to the next level.

They have a very competent and professional staff that is very intelligent and knowledgeable in their respective fields from the CEO to Graphics Artist who can assist you with “all” questions and doubts regarding your project and no question is a silly question. IdeaPros is there for you, they want to see you succeed.
Rated 5/5

Barbara E – Boynton Beach, FL

Always responsive whether by phone or email.
Rated 5/5

Jose C – Mission, TX

I would strongly recommend this company to get assistance in projecting their ideas!
Rated 5/5

Kate R – Springdale, AR

IdeaPro’s has been an extraordinary partner throughout this project. We still have some work to do but their commitment to detail and design has been one of the things that makes me proud to work with them. Everyone is involved from the top down and communication is readily available whenever I reach out. Such a blessing to have found a company as strong as IdeaPro’s to help me [hopefully] make my product a major success!! If you’re ever looking for a real partner, IdeaPro’s is the only way to go.
Rated 5/5