Getting to Know Ideapros

Ideapros works closely with entrepreneurs at each step of the journey. Our team becomes your team, with over 200 years of collective entrepreneurial experience. We’ve launched dozens of companies, generated billions in value, and are now working with some of the brightest entrepreneurs in the country – and you could be next. Below, take a look at some of our partners, learn from their experience,  and read reviews from around the web.

Bingo's wireless, tugless leash


Bingo is a breakthrough wireless, tugless leash that helps you train your dog without distress and without guilt. Training is a challenge, and with Bingo, a small vibration allows you to walk with your dog next to you providing a signal to your companion to stay close. The proprietary design combines the transmitter and receiver into one sleek design, correcting with gentle vibrations only when the dog is pulling. Kirsten and Steven started their business with a passion for their animals and an innovative and inherently humane approach.

In starting your business, their advice is to have realistic expectations, and to keep in mind that everyone has to do their piece on the step by step path toward launching their dream. They have other jobs, and IdeaPros was able to focus on their project, utilizing the IdeaPros network, to connect design, marketing, and manufacturing to get to market.

Rendering of a witch hat and eyes on a house


HouseMugs creates custom outdoor decorations that everyone will notice for any occasion – holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Custom designed to fit your house and affordable, HouseMugs designs are a perfect way to celebrate. Ready for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, HouseMugs designs don’t just decorate your house, they redesign your home with dramatic effect for the occasion. 

Brent, the founder of HouseMugs, was unable to find a holiday decoration that fit his home. So he decided to bring the quality and customization of commercial signs to everyone, and there is nothing else like it. Brent sought IdeaPros’ help to get the word out to consumers, and develop messages that resonate with their wants and needs. When you have a small organization, having a collaborative team with smart people provides critical feedback and feeds productivity. IdeaPros brought the combination of experience working with consumers and a talent filled team to help realize Brent’s vision. Brent says “don’t give up” on your journey and to stick to fulfilling your long-term vision. You will need to pivot and change, you need to be flexible, but don’t let the challenges and setbacks affect you.

Raw Beauty Co.

Raw Beauty Co. products help to restore, hydrate, condition, freshen and heal your skin and body. From the highest peaks of China’s Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the sultry plains of West Africa, the Raw Beauty Co. skin care line offers the world’s most exotic ingredients, organic tropical botanicals, herbal infusions and essential vitamins & minerals. No animals were harmed in the testing of these products, so your body and mind can enjoy them with zero guilt.

After years of servicing clients with commercial beauty care products, Aziza discovered that many people had recurring skin and scalp issues. Ideapros helped Aziza realize her ideas into superior products and unique formulations, derived from the best natural ingredients available to mankind, and delivered with love and great respect for you and for the world we all share.

IdeaPros Reviews

Take a look at what some of our partners are saying online. Ideapros helps tackle the challenges of defining and launching new products, and we are thrilled by our partner’s success and satisfaction with their journey.