IdeaPros® provides you solutions that meet you at any stage in your Founders Journey. Whether you are at early friends and family or investor fund raising, we have programs will help you succeed. Maybe you just need $20k-$30k to get you started, we offer Financing for your Idea or Business.
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IdeaPros® PitchCraft can get you on the right track with pitching & fund raising!

PitchCraft Live

Join us for a live session with Fred Cary to learn the essentials and mastery of pitching your idea or business to raise money.

  • Fred Cary delivers real-world stories of pitching.
  • Learn to connect emotionally with your investors.
  • Learn the Big 8 that you need to address your audience.

PitchCraft Intensive

IdeaPros® Online Workshop will take you step by step through building your Pitch Deck and getting IdeaPros Advisor feedback to address The Big 8.

  • Intensive Training to Master your Big 8
  • Step by Step building of your Pitch Deck 
  • Interactive IdeasPros® Assessments & Feedback

PitchCraft Exclusive

PitchCraft Exclusive prepares you for upcoming VIP Pitch events. Hands on Training and Pitch Deck Development with Fred Cary.

  • Intensive Development & Mastery of your Pitch
  • One-on-One Advisor & Group Development with your Pitch
  • 2 Day Onsite Support at Investor Meeting(s)

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Lets evaluate how prepared you are to Pitch! Submit to our IdeaPros® Advisors for Feedback and a Free 30 Minute Consultation

Pitch is the industry jargon for presenting your information in a way that investors can get onboard for
your idea and give you money. Most people fail because they have not prepared themselves to answer the
essential questions you need to answer. It only take 5 minutes!

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