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Appli App

Dante Hilton

Introducing Appli, the ultimate platform for high school students preparing to apply to colleges and universities. With easy-to-use features, it enables students to document and organize their academic and extracurricular achievements, from grades and test scores to volunteer work, sports, and clubs. Appli helps students to stand out by providing a unique visual representation of their four-year journey, making the tedious job of documenting easier and enjoyable. Co-created with students, Appli is the only tool that offers a smart and innovative perspective of connecting young people with higher education institutions, simplifying the college application process, and changing the way high school students prepare for their future.

Bearded Booch Co.

Benjamin Jones

Looking for a masculine alternative to beer? Try Bearded Booch Co. – the hard kombucha that is great for men! With a bold and unique taste and without the high estrogen content of hops, Hard Booch is perfect for those seeking an invigorating and healthier alternative. And unlike regular kombucha, Bearded Booch has done away with that vinegary taste.


Emran Browne & Mike Shortt

Finally a solution to deal with those Amazon boxes piling up in your garage. Corrugator is the ultimate cardboard recycling solution, reinventing the way you recycle with its high-tech intelligent machine. Designed to shred, compress, store, and process cardboard with minimal effort. Even more, you can use the shredded material to replace packaging peanuts. Corrugator offers optimal sustainability and contribution to a cleaner planet.

Curious Fork App

Shaye Larsen

The rocket fuel that ends the battle with picky eaters and launches them eagerly into a healthier galaxy. The Curious Fork platform taps into kids’ innate curiosity and uses science to train them to transition from bad eating habits to a place where they ask for healthy food and become advocates of their own health.

Exhale App

Wendy Lawson

Exhale is a comprehensive wellness platform that offers personalized guidance, expert support, and a vibrant community for individuals living with decreased lung ability, such as COPD. With a focus on respiratory health, Exhale empowers patients to enhance their well-being, breathe easier, and live life to the fullest by recommending diet, exercises, and other helpful tips.


Katie Mish

Make a splash with The Freestyle Diving Board! The only board that mounts to boats – without permanent alterations.

FreeStyle equals family fun and freedom. Quick easy install for fun that will last all day. Dive more freely with Freestyle!

Grunt App

Martin Horak & Kyle Petit

Think of Grunt as the Uber of the construction industry. Grunt is ready when you run out of supplies or have equipment issues on a job site. Instead of spending half a day offsite, Grunt becomes your wingman and delivers reliable on-demand drivers to transport materials and items from big box stores and small local suppliers to your work site, saving you time and money. With Grunt, you won’t have to compromise payroll and profits while waiting in line at stores or relying on long delivery times.


Werner Hugo

This eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to your shipping and storing needs. With a patented design, Hive corrugated cardboard pallets are strong enough to bear up to 2,000 pounds while being 70% lighter and 100% recyclable, making them a reliable and environmentally friendly choice. Hive is an HR department’s delight – no more nails, splinters, and back injuries caused by heavy wooden pallets. And Hive is completely modular, allowing you to store up to ten times more pallets in your facility or in transport then wooden pallets.


Hopped Up

Michael Young

Enjoy drinks without the worry of feeling terrible the next morning, and still have a good time.HoppedUp is formulated to absorb and metabolize alcohol’s negative elements in the digestive tract, before reaching the bloodstream. The result is that you will feel better after drinking. HoppedUp is clinically proven to start working as soon as you take the first sip of alcohol. Made of all natural ingredients and packaged in attractive and easy-to-carry tins. Just swallow a couple of tablets a few minutes before drinking.


Israel "Izzy" Basharel

Introducing IlluMate, the new solar powered light-up real estate sign that replaces boring and hard-to-see signs. Illuminate your property in style and make it easier for potential buyers to spot your listing at night with IlluMate. Real estate is one of the only industries where little knowledge is gathered at the point of sale. With IlluMate the property sale sign starts becoming the focal point of knowledge.

Olive & Coop

Robin Albers & Tali Carasali

Olive & Coop addresses two major American trends: the rising cost of rent for young people and the desire of older adults to remain in their homes. Our platform matches these groups to provide affordable rent and companionship, benefiting both. It allows seniors to age in place, combat loneliness, and boost their income, while offering renters cost-effective, secure housing. By sharing detailed property and task preferences, our platform ensures a perfect homeowner-renter match.

Pocket Rocket

Raphael Boldrick

Pocket Rocket is a highly concentrated, all-natural liquid caffeine solution that enhances any drink with a natural energy boost. Ideal for elevating your favorite beverage or taking as a quick shot, Pocket Rocket delivers potent energy without the excess sugars and additives found in typical caffeinated drinks. Our safe, rich formula offers a clean and powerful way to energize your day. Pure. Natural. Energy.


Aziza Nicholson

Raw Beauty Co. offers a line of Beauty Care Essentials, crafted from the world’s finest natural herbs and healing botanicals. Each product is handcrafted with a commitment to promoting serene health. Our global quest to unearth ancient natural beauty secrets has taken us from China’s Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to West Africa’s sultry plains, culminating in a product line rich with exotic ingredients, organic botanicals, herbal infusions, and essential vitamins & minerals. Your body deserves the best.


Kraig Kujawa

We’re here and then we’re gone, leaving behind memories that can easily fade. Reminisce believes that life should be cherished forever, not forgotten in a cold cemetery or neglected urn. Our service helps you celebrate a loved one’s life by spreading their ashes in meaningful places, ensuring their memory lives on joyfully. Reminisce digitally marks these special spots, allowing future generations to reflect and smile wherever those memories are honored. With Reminisce, the world becomes an everlasting memorial.

Vista App

Sarah Tyndall

Introducing Vista, the ultimate app to escape the chaos and refocus with spectacular views from around the world. Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded people, explore new places, and promote wellness, mental health, and self-care through inspiration, gratitude, and accomplishment. With Vista you can see where you want to be.

Scratch App

Pamela Knight & Dani King

Scratch is for capturing those spontaneous moments with friends! Whether you’re out for a casual dinner, partying at the hottest new club, or just hanging at the beach with friends – Scratch lets you forget the selfie and focus on your fun while talented locals are ready and waiting to capture everything in a natural, fun way. Just look at the Scratchers near you, pick one or more whose work you like, and sit back and smile through your session while everyone around you tries to figure out what movie star you are! Pay only for the shots you love and post directly from the Scratch app. So, when you’ve got the itch to show off your best self – just Scratch it!

Stream App

Jacob Hendrickson

Stream is for people that avoid social media due to negativity and division but also are longing for inspiration and a sense of community both virtually and physically. This is for people that understand (or don’t even know) they aren’t reaching their best potential and want to reach others on a similar path or gain inspiration from inspiring leaders. It will also allow for inspirational leaders and coaches to provide guidance directly to followers. It allows people to set and earn goals they never thought were possible or even needed in their lives. Ultimately, the goal is to create meaningful communities of empowered individuals.

The Chamber App

Ken Kotch

An enterprise level communication platform which allows business professionals and their clients to have secure conversations with one another by leveraging end to end encryption.

The Man App

Edward Sanner & Jake Wilson

Experience the ultimate hassle-free fun with The Complete Man app. Personalized recommendations for the best places and activities near you, tailored specifically for men. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to pure enjoyment, as we curate unforgettable experiences at your fingertips.

TriYum App

Evan Alcala

Do you love ordering food but think there must be a fairer way to do it than with apps taking all the profit? Download TriYum and help restaurants stay open, and delivery drivers earn a livable wage. With our flat fee and direct consumer-restaurant communication, we take the food delivery experience to the next level. Get your food while it’s hot, at a fair price, knowing no one got ripped off in the process. TriYum – Direct. Cheaper. Better


Cody Williams

VentoRake is the ultimate yard clean-up tool that transforms the way you maintain your outdoor space. With powerful suctioning capabilities, it rakes, mulches, and bags leaves effortlessly, saving you time and eliminating the need for manual labor. VentoRake is portable, environmentally friendly, and features 1-step disposable paper vacuum bags, making it a convenient and sustainable choice for efficient yard maintenance.

Versus App

Josh Algee

Versus is your new virtual space where all music platforms merge to provide you with the ultimate, commercial-free musical experience. Say goodbye to ads and constant switching between apps as Versus allows you to play songs, create playlists, and skip commercials from multiple music apps in one place. Discover a fresh way to enjoy music with Versus – the world’s first digital jukebox.