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Marketing starts with analyzing the current marketplace and gaining insights into how you are positioned with your idea to win. Knowing your target audience, competition and what channels you can use most effectively to generate leads, sell your product and more. Lets get started!

Are you Stuck? Consider these IdeaPros® Offerings

TokenMarketing Live

Join us for a live session with IdeaPros Marketers to learn how to get started on your Marketing Action Plan (MAP) of your idea or business.

  • Learn how to research, analyze and prepare your offer
  • IdeaPros will evaluate your current go-to-marketing ideas
  • Evaluate how to prepare your Marketing Action Plan (MAP)

TokenMarketing Workshop

Join us for our intensive online workshop that helps you develop your unique value proposition, that we coin your “Token” and how to apply it to your advertising and marketing channels.

  • Create your Offer (Token)
  • Develop your Marketing Strategy
  • Complete a Marketing Action Plan to address your customer

Marketing Action Plan

IdeaPros will review your current marketing campaigns, evaluate the marketplace, identify your target audience, prepare your offer & provide a Marketing Action Plan.

  • Review of all campaigns and past data
  • Analyze competitive marketplace and target audience offers
  • Create Marketing Action Plan (MAP)

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