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You Can’t Do It Alone. We are Here to Help. Palo Alto Highlight

No successful company was ever built by one person.

You came here to find a co-founder but what about a world-class team that has done this dozens of times? A team of professionals that can take your idea to the next level.

Our team has launched dozens of companies and generated billions in revenues. How would you like to build your legacy with a world-renowned leader and his team of passionate experts by your side?

Our Expertise Becomes Yours

It's Not About You...

You’re the only person you don’t need to sell. It‘s everyone else in the world that has to understand your value proposition and how it relates to them. Fred Cary, our founder, has launched several multi-million dollar companies by understanding how Investors and Founders work together. 

From Strategy – To Build – To Launch. We can help.

Team members working on their laptops at a table

...It's About Them!

This is YOUR legacy and Big Idea, but that legacy will have little impact if other people don’t believe in your Story. That’s why, at IdeaPros, we do the hard work to understand who your Investor is and what they really want to hear in your Pitch. 

How? We have been on both sides of the table and we can prepare you for your Pitch!

Strategic Advisors & Team

When you work with IdeaPros, your top notch strategists and team work together with you to create a unique and compelling solution designed to turn future investors into passionate advocates of your idea and company. From planning, to pitching, to building to launching. 

Stop trying to do it yourself. Let us help you.

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Gain Confidence & Access to Investors

Let us help you craft your investor pitch deck. Our team takes a unique approach to how you present your Big Idea and Story. Through coaching and refining together, you will pitch with confidence and control of your audience. 

Join us to at upcoming Exclusive Events that prepare you and get you VIP access to insider investor groups and network. 

"Success comes only to those who take the time and effort to build well-positioned companies." ~ Fred Cary

Fred Cary has created many companies that have generated billions in revenue.