IdeaPros is on a global search to discover the next successful entrepreneurs – the innovators that can change the way we live.

If you think that’s you, let’s take a look at your breakthrough idea, invention, product, or app. We will potentially partner with you to validate, pre-sell, and distribute your innovation, but first we need to take you through our 2 Phase Process.

PHASE 1 – Qualification Process

PHASE 2 – Offer Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your initial criteria to accept a new partnership?
– Ability to financially invest in yourself (or have an investor)
– Must be a product or app (no brick and mortar or service businesses)
– Must be a for-profit business
– Must be open-minded and willing to be mentored
– Must have a strong desire to be an entrepreneur
– Must understand why Licensing rarely works with just a patent

Q. How do I know you won’t steal my idea?
We get this question every day 🙂 When you submit your idea our Confidentiality Agreement is automatically activated. In addition, we would never risk our reputation over one idea. Check out our reviews if you haven’t.

Q. Are you Shark Tank?
Many people compare us to Shark Tank, but we can actually help much earlier in the process because we partner with people that don’t have sales or revenue yet.

Q. Why do I have to fill out a Qualification Form?
As you can imagine, we review a lot of potential partnerships. If you meet our initial criteria above, we want to learn more about you and your project. The Qualification Form helps the committee determine if we want to offer you a partnership. At the very least we will be able to evaluate where you’re at and give you the next steps towards reaching your goals.

Q. What if the surveys come back negative?
There is no such thing as a bad survey. There is always an opportunity to pivot based on the feedback to find the best product/market fit.

Q. Do you do licensing?
Rarely, but if we do demand has to be substantiated first with surveys, pre-orders, and/or sales.

Q. Do you really do ALL the work to create my business?
Yes, we have a team that will take your product or app though our proven process to give it the best chance for success. We do require your feedback throughout the process.

Q. What do you do as my partner?
As your partner, we will cut up to 75% of the time and capital that it takes to launch, and we do all the work to build your company and your product expertly, using over 30 years of experience to your advantage. In exchange, we want a minority stake in your new organization.

Q. Who owns the majority of the company?
You do. We are a minority owner. The exact percentage is case by case depending on how much of the total budget you cover.

Q. How are profits distributed?
All the revenue goes through you and you pay us our percentage.

Q. How do you market my product or app?
How did we reach you? 🙂 We are experts at online marketing.


IdeaPros is the most comprehensive partner for entrepreneurs in the world. Whether you have a fantastic idea, are a startup, or are already operating successfully and looking to expand, IdeaPros is the last partner you will ever need.

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