Day 1
Talk to one of our friendly business associates.
  • Make sure you understand what we do and who we are
  • Give us your elevator pitch
  • Identify how we can help
  • If you’re a fit we’ll move you to the next step
Day 5

Meet your senior Business Advisor

  • Open discussion – anything’s on the table
  • Tell us more about your awesome idea/business – and prepare to be challenged
  • What are your goals and motivation – what is your WHY, and why NOW?
  • It’s not just the idea – we only work with “crazies” because they are the ones who change the world. If that is you, on to the next step.
Day 8
Face to face meeting. You know, Zoom-style!
  • We’ll dig deeper into our strategies and process, and what it takes to work with us
  • Test your understanding of what IdeaPros does and how we can help
  • We’ll go over your budget with you from top to bottom
    • You do have a budget, don’t you? We’ll show you the best practices for launching
    • And we can save a bunch of money in the process
  • If everything goes well (hint: show up well prepared), you’ll be given an opportunity to submit our formal “Pitch Form”
Day 10
Submit your awesome Pitch Form
  • We believe no good idea has a chance without a great person behind it.  Tell us about why you rock, why your idea will do well in your hands, why your future customers will want this, and how you’re planning on growing your business after launch.
    • Our advisory team will review everything at this point
    • Attention is paid to you, your idea, your future customers, and your ability to be “a boss”.
    • A perfect score gets a thumbs up and your advisor is given a green light to proceed
Day 15
Final review with your Business Advisor
  • Together we take a deep dive into your great idea – yep, if you’ve made it this far, it is definitely a great idea!
  • Make sure that you’re ready to meet the team and that you have the wherewithal to work with us.
  • The final test of everything – we will be reassuring ourselves that you and your idea are a winning combination and, if so, we’ll set the next step.
Day 20
Qualifying Interview with the team
  • One more time – let’s hear more about YOU and why we should all take your idea and run with it.
  • And you’ll have time to ask us anything – nothing is off the table
  • Tips – show that you understand the opportunity, embrace the challenge, and are a great person for us to take an informed bet on.
    • Questions like “can you make me successful” or “how many other people became successful” show us only one thing – that you don’t have a strong belief in YOURSELF to be our winner.
    • Remember – we like crazies. ONE person was the first to climb Everest. ONE person was the first to harness electricity. ONE. That’s what we’re looking for. The ONE. Is that you? If so, we’ll go to the final step.
Day 25
Receive a formal offer
  • Congratulations! You are definitely in the minority
  • Our binding offer will outline the entire process of taking you to a nationwide launch.
  • You will be offered an entire team to work together with you – 200 years of entrepreneurial experience at your side.
  • We will throw in the training you’ll need to become a savvy, purpose-driven owner, an unfair advantage you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.
  • Be prepared to save hundreds of thousands of dollars (and time) – and the investment you make would be contractually fixed; no surprises.
  • We all sign and celebrate!