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No Successful Company Was Ever Built By One Person.

You came here to build an app, but what you really need is a great solution that your customers will love. An app is just the way that solution is delivered – that’s the easy part.

Our team has launched dozens of companies and generated billions in value. How would you like to build your app and your legacy with a world-renowned leader and his team of passionate experts by your side?


200 years of collective expertise


Cuts your time and cost by 75%


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We're The Unfair Advantage You Need

10k new apps are released every single day. An app company won’t do anything to get you noticed. Not only do we have a brilliant app development team, we also have world-class marketers that use their highly polished, killer instincts to render your competitors irrelevant so you have a real opportunity to seize significant market share and dominate your industry.

You don’t want a little market share, you seek to dominate, right?

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Our founder, Fred Cary, has built billions of dollars in corporate value, taken three companies public, and has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, 5 million views on Facebook, and countless articles written about him internationally.  

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