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Startup Checklist

A Resource to Help You Get Started

Getting Started Series: From Idea to Business

The Innovation Cycle **From Founder to CEO**

Overview of the innovation process from idea to market research to plan to product development to product launch. The overview highlights useful tools to help entrepreneurs navigate each phase of the process.

Great Idea? Not So Fast!

The entrepreneur needs a good understanding of the problem they are solving, their target audience and the competition. Learn key market factors to research to ensure that great idea has the potential to succeed in the market!

How to Reach Your Product or App Goals

Keep yourself and your product on the track for success by continually revisiting these top ten business fundamentals!

Go-To-Market Series: Launch and Beyond

One Secret Successful Marketers Never Reveal

Build early audiences for your ideas while you identify your customers and cultivate your on-line community presence. This gives you an important head start when your product is ready for pre-sales.

How to Create an Innovative and Memorable Brand

A memorable brand image is distinctive, innovative and tells a story to your customers. The Brand Book is a comprehensive, written instruction for all your packaging and advertising to ensure that any visual presentation of your logo and your brand is consistent and per your specifications.

How to Build Your Email List

Informative presentation on building your potential customer list by purchasing leads. Having a marketing plan and understanding the demographics of your target audience will help you take advantage of the data available to entrepreneurs.

Product Development Series: From Idea to Product

     How Products Come to Life

Overview of the engineering process with a product engineering professional. Discussion includes the engineering process and engineering deliverables like CAD real look drawings for marketing, bill of materials for manufacturing and other product necessities like branding, color, name, logo, packaging.

     Avoid Prototype Pitfalls

Goal of prototyping is to determine product useability and to debug the product prior to spending time and money on manufactured goods. The prototype helps verify your design ideas and is useful for raising money and getting patents.

     Ask Fred – Engineering Q/A Session

Engineering is an expensive, time-consuming process – do the research pre-work and don’t spend money prototyping an unsaleable product. Prototypes help refine product design, facilitate manufacturing and importantly, and help you raise money to cover production costs.

Social Media Series : Starting Your Business' Online Presence

     Speedy Social Media Setup

Ready to start posting to social media? This is a quick start guide for getting your entrepreneurial venture established on the major social media platforms.

     Prelaunch Social Media Secrets

Social media can help you win customers before you launch. This video describes how to create a pre-launch social media strategy for entrepreneurs.

5 Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid 

Facebook ads can further your marketing goals in your target communities. Marketing pros discuss types of discuss ads available on Facebook and how Facebook analytics can help optimize your customer impact.