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Koala is an adaptable, interchangeable power pack for all of your essential kitchen items wherever life takes you! No outlet? No problem! From coffee machines to blenders, toasters to burners, never worry about cords again, energize any appliance through our solar-powered, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and prepare your own food or drink anywhere.


The Gimme is a specially designed putter for any novice or seasoned golfer to gain control of their putt. The innovative handle is held with one hand and to the side of the golfer while facing the cup, not the ball. With the clearer vantage point and only one hand dominating the motion, accuracy goes up and strokes go down!


Vortex is a "Patent Pending" Ball game with multiple moving targets in the shape of a truncated cuboctahedron that rotates freely by the weight of the balls that stick to its targets. One, Two or Four players compete to get the highest score by tossing balls that stick to the game's surface. Players stand eight feet away at opposite sides competing to get the highest score.


The most efficient truck space organizer ever designed. This collapsible cargo container provides a truly convenient place for carrying and securing groceries, tools, small equipment and other supplies when you need to. And when you don't need it, the Cargo Space Utility Box collapses into a compact unit that gives you all the valuable space you need for those big jobs. Patent Pending.


The newest, must-have beauty product to quickly prep, prime, and hydrate your scalp. An all-in-one, comb-brush solution, Threads transfers hair creams or oils from a storage insert to the tips of the bristles. Gently gliding across your hair’s surface, Threads not only saves you time but makes the most of your salon-grade hair products with deep permeation and even distribution. Threads – No mess, No stress – Just all of your hair products, right where your scalp needs them!