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The current state of the talent acquisition process has both applicants and hiring managers frustrated. Job applicants spend time tailoring their resume and cover letter to each job description and usually do not receive feedback from employers. Employers are having a difficult time finding qualified candidates to fill their talent gaps and their applicant tracking system may be inadvertently weeding out those that would be a good fit. Visit applydifferently.com

Cyber Cats

Cybercat Space Runner brings the fun back into arcade games through its engaging and retro run through space with Charlie, the cybercat. Charlie's been abducted by some badass, reptilian aliens who have forced him into cyborg transformation.

Spark App

Whether you're trying to save a relationship or make your special one even better, Spark will help you renew those flames that first brought you together and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Designed and approved by nationally accredited relationship counselors, Spark carefully assesses your current relationship, curates a specialized action plan, and guides the two of you through the adventure of rediscovery — all at the ease of your fingertips!

Sugar App

Whether you’re heading around town or across the country, Sugar will make sure anything you want will be there – when you get there. Plan your perfect vacation and have all the fun you deserve without ever needing to bring anything with you. Sugar is the place to get anything you can think of; from boats to bikes, jet skis to snow skis - you want it, we’ll deliver!

Hydrant App

Hydrant is a mobile app for dog enthusiasts, designed to connect you to everything you need for your pet whether at home or on the go. User-friendly and loaded with information, Hydrant features: forums, pet service listings, dog-friendly destinations, and a social connection platform in one easy to use iPhone and Android app.

Hopps App

Hopps is ready to serve as your real-time, personal entertainment guide in any town, any place - right from the comfort of your phone. Whether you’re traveling, new in town, or just want to step out of your local comfort zone, Hopps eliminates the "hit or miss" experience of trying to find the perfect place to enjoy the night.


An app that adds kindness and humanity into the curriculum of educational institutions. School is difficult – teachers are underappreciated while students are often lost in the crowd, but Gratus makes everything better by integrating empathetic communication as part of a routine writing task.


The world’s first app dedicated to the thing you love best – Travel! Loaded with filters and location-setting options, Planet Vue lets the whole world see you at your best, anywhere on the planet. With a focus on adventure, our worldwide members will show themselves in the places we’d all love to be. At Planet Vue we say – here’s to looking at you!


Deep within each of us lies a desire to document our lives for posterity, whether for ourselves to look back on in later years or to help us be remembered by our loved ones when their memories start to waver or we pass away. Everlast will help people keep their legacy forever by creating a digital footprint that tells that family story that the user can save to review themselves or share with others.


With SlingShot, your vacation or fun outing never gets side-tracked by those unplanned trips to the store whenever you forget something. Just pick up your phone, enter your location along with a need: ice, umbrella, food, drinks, hats, chairs, sweatshirts—anything—and a SlingShot driver will pick it up and deliver it right to where you are; on the beach, in a park, wherever! Make your vacation a Staycation with SlingShot. Wherever you go - Stay Put and enjoy!