Notebook with "CROWDFUNDING" written on it
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
Did you know that you can scale up your business before you even manufacture your product? Why start from zero when you can do a pre-sell? These are the 5 W’s of ...
A box covered in words surrounded by empty boxes
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
How do I do the most with the least amount of money? If this is the question that has been on your mind recently, you’ve come to the right place! We talked to Simon Solotko, Chief Marketing O...
3 people sitting at a table with 2 laptops, a tablet, and documents
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
Launching a product or an app can be an exciting journey. It does come with a significant cost, though. How much does it cost to launch a product or app? Figuring out the exact numbers can be tricky since there are so many...
Hands opening up an empty wallet
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
Knowing where, when and how to spend your money is very important if you want to launch a product. But, knowing where, when and how NOT to spend it is crucial for making that launch successful. Read on and learn about the bud...
Woman smiling with a clipboard in her hand
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
Starting a business is exciting. At times, it can also be downright frightening. Many entrepreneurs are gung-ho about putting their product in the hands of customers. They are less enthusiastic about the financial side of run...

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