A stamp of the letter R and "registered trademark"
By Florence Adrian 12th Aug, 2021
Laundromat, thermos, and aspirin all have something in common. They lost their trademarks and went from being single products to representing entire product categories. We talked to Eric Hansco...
A notebook opened up with "to do list" written in it
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
You have come up with a perfect name for your company and now you are wondering, what should your next step be? Before you get in too deep with your brand, there is a foundation you need online...
Man covering his mouth with his hands
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
Are you stressing about how to protect your entrepreneurial creations, ideas, and inventions? Well, you should be! You need to protect confidential information with a Confidentiality Agreement so you can get the h...
Woman in a suit with her hands around a lightbulb
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
Inventors create lots of concepts in their heads every day.  While refining his or her ideas, a typical inventor will move from idea to idea. They create and don't think about security. It's vital that an inventor protect th...

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