Man on the phone on a plane
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
It’s never too early to start getting sales for your product! Be prepared to get the validation you need to sell your product before you make it. We talked to Ira Hayes, Head of Strategic Dev...
Graphic of a man in a suit with wings, a halo, and a dog
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
If you are going to grow your business beyond your capacities, you WILL need to invest money. The question is how to get them? We talked to Fred Cary, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of IdeaP...
Group of people in suits smiling with their thumbs up
By prosidea 31st Mar, 2021
“It takes money to make money.” How many times have you heard that saying? For any business that wishes to get itself off the ground, business funding is vital. You might have the talent, but if you can’t get the bus...