101 Foolproof Marketing Strategies


101 Foolproof Marketing Strategies

Need some marketing inspiration? Coming up with unique ways to marketing your business can be a challenge for entrepreneurs, inventors & business owners. We have compiled our favorite marketing strategies to help get your marketing ideas flowing again.

101 marketing strategies that you can use and apply

Let’s look at 10 of our favorites from this monstrous list! Be sure to download the full 101 list below, though!

1. Offer a Freebie

A PDF document, e-book or a mini-course doesn’t have to be extensive, but it has to solve your clients’ problems. First, you solve a small problem for them and if they like the result, they will hire you to solve the big ones, too.

2. Get testimonials

Ask for what you want. People won’t leave you a good review if you don’t ask them to, it is just not in our nature. This is why you’ll have to make a concerted effort to talk to people. And don’t ask your friends for reviews, ask your real clients and use a third-party tool to do it, as it will give you much more credibility.

Speaking of testimonials, you can check out what people are saying about IdeaPros: IdeaPros Reviews.

3. Start Blogging

Answer your clients’ questions. Offer them relevant and interesting content and be consistent. It will boost your connection with the clients, as well as your SEO ranking.

If you don’t like writing, make a podcast or a webinar. Install a live chat on your website, make it interactive.

Update your website copyright. If potential clients see you haven’t even updated the year, what will that tell them about how seriously you take your own business?

4. Make the most out of social media & Influencer marketing

Use all the channels out there. There are so many ways to get active. Like, Follow and Share others because when you do it, they are going to do the same for you.
If you want to grow fast, partner up with somebody significant who will work with you and who will endorse your product or app. It is definitely worth the money and effort.

For more on this topic, check our Influencer Marketing video and worksheet.

5. Go Live on FB and ask your audience to vote

Connect with your audience with live videos. Invite influencers, too. Ask people for an opinion and find out what is your target market saying.

The only thing you shouldn’t ask people to vote about is your company’s name. Get a professional to help you with the name and then ask the audience to vote on the emotion it provokes.

6. Share your journey, organize contests

People want to love you and to know your story. When we know and like the story behind a product or a service, we become much more than just buyers. We become loyal clients.

Organize contests centered around your story and remember to always be authentic.

7. Celebrate your team

Celebrate the people that got you where you are. Everyone likes to see how you overcome challenges, the story of your team, your business and your culture.

This is exactly the reason why our IdeaPros “Behind the Scenes” video got us more than 160,000 views and counting.

8. Work on your list

Keep in touch with your clients. It is of utmost importance to reach out to both your satisfied and your dissatisfied clients. It will help you prevent bad reviews.

“You want to know when people aren’t happy. A lot of times if somebody is complaining to you, that means they want to stay with you, right?” Fred Cary

9. Think globally, work locally

Even if you have an online business, you should be active on a local level as well. Organize a charity event, sponsorship or a hike and then share it on your social media.

10. Use and Reuse the 101 Foolproof Marketing Strategies

“Whatever you do, don’t do it once. You won’t just have a celebrity endorsement and then have her/him talk about you one time. Get them involved. You don’t celebrate your team once. Have individuals come and be part of the show.” Fred Cary

At IdeasPro, we know how it feels when your questions outnumber your answers. This is why, with content like 101 Foolproof Marketing Strategies, we try to answer as many of these questions as we can.

But sometimes, you need more than just answers. You need support. You need someone to go on this journey with you. Someone who will tap you on the shoulder and say that everything will be OK. Someone who knows what is the next step even when you feel there are no more steps to be made.

If you feel you need a partner and are ready to invest in your vision, feel free to reach out to IdeaPros and let’s see if we might be a fit.