An IdeaPros Partner: The Journey & Determination


An IdeaPros Partner: The Journey & Determination

Have you wondered why some people achieve their entrepreneurial goals and others don’t? Do you think it’s enough to be innovative, hardworking and experienced to make your dreams come true? It all boils down to your ATTITUDE.  

Since we all learn by example, let’s take a look at Steve Brown, an IdeaPros Partner. He is an excellent example of someone with the Ideal Entrepreneur Attitude.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

Meet Steve Brown

As a regular user of sunscreen, our partner and the creator of Eclipse, Steve Brown, saw several problems with existing sunblock products.  

  • Not being able to apply the spray and creams thoroughly
  • Needing help to reach your back with a cream when no one is there to help
  • Boating slips and spills from overspray caused by the aerosol sprays
  • Slimy or sticky hands after applying sunblock

How could he transform applying sunscreen from an annoying to pleasant activity?  Steve came up with an idea: a product that would include a sponge to apply sunscreen. The product would also have a handle that could pivot giving you extra reach. 

As a lifetime entrepreneur, Steve worked in real estate investment & development to build a sizeable company. He had the drive, determination, and experience it would require to get the product to a prototype and get positive feedback.  He even showed the idea at different trade shows. After three years, a lot of time and money – he hit a plateau and admitted that he needed help to get the product to market.

“How do I distribute them? Where do I get them manufactured? Is this product refined and ready to go? Is it going to find an audience?” – Steve Brown

He partnered with the experts at IdeaPros. 

Steve was sure he had the perfect product that only needed a tweak or two before launching. After applying to be an IdeaPros partner, being accepted, receiving the IdeaPros refinement, redesign, and extensive rebranding, Steve had a realization. Even though he had extensive business experience and an ideal entrepreneur attitude, he didn’t know all the aspects of putting the product to market in a way that’s worthy of his invention. 

“Had I not come across IdeaPros, I would have forged ahead with what I had and would have failed miserably by now.” – Steve Brown

Packaging Design

One of the first things we noticed at IdeaPros was that Steve needed packaging changes.  In fact, he really needed two products to blend into one to stand out in the market. Having one applicator for the body and a different one for the face was critical because we found that people won’t use the same sponge for body and face. So, we had to work on the Packaging Design

Fun Fact: Apart from having brilliant designers… when you partner with IdeaPros, we become equity partners and our IdeaPros support team gets to share in the rewards too. 

“Everybody that’s working on this project is working on it like an owner rather than somebody that you go pay a fee to and say: Hey, make me a better version of this.” – Fred Cary

Product Name

The next thing was the Product Name. Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of naming their company or product to describe what it does. The name should be evocative and paint a mental image. We came up with Eclipse. 

Patent Complications

Like many other entrepreneurs before coming to us, Steve had rushed to patent his idea when he didn’t need to. After spending a lot of money on patent lawyers, he ended up with a very different product in the end. 

Read more about why you should avoid patents at the beginning of your journey on our blog.

The Ideal Entrepreneur Attitude

The most important ideal entrepreneur attitude to have when starting a business is to know that we simply cannot do everything by ourselves. 

If you want your product to stand out in the marketplace, have a stunning design, and an evocative brand name – it’s important to work with professionals that have experience. Our IdeaPros team has the expertise and experience to get your product, service, or app where it needs to be. 

Our mission is to take your great idea and make it as irresistible as possible to the market. Understanding the partnering process and finding funding to launch your product are essential steps in building an indomitable ideal entrepreneur attitude. 

You’ll still need to work wisely, use your experience, and be flexible. Most of all be patient about your initial idea and where it’s at in its development stage. 

The “Idea Pros” at IdeaPros have the resources, experience, and tools to help you at this step or any step in the entrepreneurial journey.

We partner with entrepreneurs at any stage and who are ready to invest their ideas. Apply for an interview and let’s explore partnering together. APPLY HERE

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