Another Day. Another Launch.

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Another Day. Another Launch.

We talked to IdeaPros partner, Serena Walker, one of the creators of Savours Foods. Serena and her two sisters have published various cookbooks with traditional Indian dishes and their uniquely designed spice tin, which is now available for purchase. 

The Story

Many years ago, Selena, Alexa, and Priya wrote down their mother’s and grandmother’s recipes while creating new ones along the way. There was a lot of interest in this little gastronomic treasure, so the sisters wrote and self-published their first cookbook. They have always felt recipe books were difficult to read, so they made theirs simple with a shopping list, spice list, instructions, and a photo with each recipe.

There was never going to be a recipe where you thought: “Wonder what that looks like.” 

While promoting it on a BBC Good food show, publishing company Simon and Schuster offered to work with them on their next one. The second cookbook’s cover is typical of India, with vibrant gold and pink colors but keeps the same easy-to-use format. The feedback was very positive. As people felt, the book is straightforward and user-friendly. However, people don’t always have the proper tools to prepare the meals, so they decided to create something most Indian people have in their house – a spice tin. 

The Spice Tin

“The important thing is to have tools in your kitchen.” – Serena Walker

The Lotus Spice Tin contains eight small canisters and a center larger canister divided into four compartments. The canisters fit neatly into the masala Dabba spice box with a semi-transparent lid featuring the lotus flower. All pots have laser-ingrained names of each spice, making it easy for you to identify and use them in cooking. You get a little spoon with it as well as 13 wonderful, aromatic spices to fill the canisters up. These are basic spices used every day in the kitchen, so you don’t have to ask yourself if you have all you need. They come in small amounts, so you have fresh spices at any moment. Spices have a great lifespan, but it is a good idea to refresh your supply every 4-5 months, so they don’t lose their aroma. Apart from being super-tasty, these spices are healthy. You can check the health benefits of each spice in the cookbooks. Add the cookbook to your spice tin and spice set, and you’ll be ready to start cooking right away!

The Launch

The website has been launched. You can check it out to see the evolution of the brand and everything they have to offer. They also have an online platform called Savours Sabha, which means gathering in Hindi. It is the community of people who meet to create the dishes. In India, when someone shows up at your home, you invite them to eat the food, and that is a tradition the sisters wanted to share along with the recipes and spices. Indian food is all about love, family, community, and now you can be a part of it!  

Serena’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

“Try to bring the people you care about on board with your idea. Having the support of family and friends is crucial, but in the end, it is down to you and you alone to say: I am going to do this.”  – Serena Walker

Visit and put some spice in your life!

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