Creativity Sells – 5 Ways to Get Noticed


Creativity Sells – 5 Ways to Get Noticed

Catching the eye of your target audience is tricky, but these five strategies will help you get noticed! We talked to Bobby Hallas, Creative Director at IdeaPros, about using creativity to get attention. Read on to learn all about how creativity sells. 

Be a Trendsetter

“Don’t blend in with the crowd.” – Bobby Hallas

Being different can be tough when you are in high school, but being different as an entrepreneur will take you places. Giving your brand a fresh perspective will reinvigorate the whole project and help you reach out to your customers. Working for Wyndham Residential Place, Bobby and his team focused on the fact that every property has its winery. They didn’t show the interior of the place, but a bottle of wine pouring and creating a beautiful landscape. When you have a niche product or app, you need to find a good way to connect with your specific audience.

A lot of IdeaPros’ partners are trendsetters. They are coming up with ideas, concepts, apps, and products that haven’t existed before. But even if you have a product that already exists, you can apply this strategy to your marketing efforts.  

“All entrepreneurs are trendsetters.” – Bobby Hallas

Make Waves

“You want to create something that will interfere with people’s daily routine and smack them in the face.” – Bobby Hallas

When you uniquely push your idea and take advantage of what is going on around you, you will make an impact. Get noticed with a little bit of sacrifice, time, and risk. If you play it safe, you will be doing what everyone else is doing. If you take the risk and go out of your comfort zone, you will make waves. 

A good example is a campaign Bobby did for IC Light Beer where he connected the beer to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the upcoming Super Bowl. They designed the brand to look almost like the Pittsburgh Steelers logo, and then flooded the town with stickers, car wraps, and brand ambassadors giving away free samples of IC light beer. The return of the investment of the campaign was insane. 

Sell Experience

You don’t want people not only to use your product, app, or service but to connect with the story behind them. If they buy your product for what it stands for, they will come back and recommend you to their friends. In another campaign for Lake Tahoe, Bobby and his team wanted to sell the experience of the place, not just the property that was for sale. They interviewed a local ski instructor, bar, and restaurant owner about their perspective, so you don’t feel like a tourist when you decide to visit or move there. There is nothing like feeling like a local. 

We Love Fame

“Having someone famous endorse your brand is crazy important.” – Bobby Hallas

Fame gets people talking, increases your brand’s recognition, and ultimately leads to sales. Enjoying the same things as someone famous makes us feel special. We all love to feel special. 

In a campaign for Four Seasons, Bobby and his team came up with a slogan, “I live at Four Season”. Turns out people love saying that as it makes them feel cool. McDonald’s turned a Happy Meal into a Travis Scott Meal, so people who like this famous rapper will think: If Travis Scott eats it, it must be good. 

Getting an influencer to work with you as a spokesperson for your business or to use your product and share it on their social networks can be a huge help. You can learn more about influencer marketing on our blog

Emotional Wins

Connect your product and its story to a feeling and ask yourself: How does it make them feel? A direct connection between a brand and a customer is a bond that is hard to break. 

“All major brands are trying to capture your heart.” – Bobby Hallas

You can attach emotion to something that doesn’t have one.  In the famous puppy commercial, Budweiser showed a strong relationship between a puppy and a human and took the ad to the next level. When you buy and drink Budweiser it will invoke this feeling. In a campaign for Starlight Foundation dedicated to helping sick kids, Bobby and his team focused on these kids’ everyday lives, taking their personalities and telling their story, which was very powerful.

 With all that being said, how are you going to get creative with your business?

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