Level Up or Game Over


Level Up or Game Over

There is no win without getting to the next level of the game. Either we level up and get to the end game or it is a game over for us. We talked to Kai Alday, a Momentum Coach at Momentum Studio, about three things you can do to level up and see your business thrive.

Define Your Success

Start with defining what success is for you. Not just in business, but overall. Often we say success is a nice house and the ability to pay bills, but do we know what it looks like in reality or how it will look in 6-9 months from now? 

“Getting granular about what success looks like is the key to building your strategy and creating success.” – Kai Alday

The more defined your success is, the easier it will be to determine what path you need to go on, how to get there, and what leveling up looks like. If there is no end goal, how will you know what are the middle steps? Don’t worry if it is a moving target, that’s ok too. 

Just get clear on your goals and write them down.

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • How does the end scene look for you?
  • When your product is ready, think about what the next steps are going to be. How do you market it? Where do you want to see it?

And remember, no one can create success for you except yourself. A partner can help you build a product or app, but you have to own it. 

Never Stop Learning

What does “never stop learning” mean? There are a couple of things we should think about here. First, the timing. Knowing when to learn certain things is as important as learning itself. Second, you need to be strategic about what you’re learning. As tempting as it may be, you shouldn’t consume knowledge without a plan. Ask yourself what stage you are in and what can help you go through it smoothly. When you learn too many things, you don’t know what to apply to the current situation. You get overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to do everything.  The thing is not everything matters right now. 

“Know what you need and focus on it.” – Kai Alday

Expand Your Perspective

Being willing to listen to other people and hear new perspectives because it is crucial. It can be your coach, someone in the same stage as you or a few steps ahead of you, or a friend with a fresh point of view. If we don’t look to other people and ask for their help, we don’t progress. 

Imagine you lived in a box that is your whole world. Until you ask someone what they see, what’s outside, and how you can get there, nothing changes. They open the lid for you and show you there is a new world outside. As an entrepreneur, you create your ideas of what reality is and thus more work for yourself. 

“Always surround yourself with and reach out to other people, but be that person for others as well.” – Kai Alday

You don’t have to take everybody’s advice. You decide if you take action on it or not. But, you are opening your mind and making sure you don’t live on the entrepreneurial island. 

Be consistent, get the right people around you, never stop learning, and you will get to the end scene of your business.

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