Meet Bingo Tugless & Other IdeaPros Partners

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Meet Bingo Tugless & Other IdeaPros Partners

Today we talked about three great ideas that became amazing products through the work we’ve done with our partners. Learn more about the unique natural products of Raw Beauty Co., Savours Food, and a revolutionary dog collar called Bingo Tugless. All of these creators joined us at IdeaPros for an interview.

Raw Beauty Co. – Organic Skincare Products

Why put chemicals on your skin when you can nurture it with organic Raw Beauty Co. products? From derma scrub perfect for removing all the dead skin during the winter days to the babyface moisturizer that keeps your skin fresh. Raw Beauty Co. offers high-end products and super care. Order your set and get a canvas bag of glass containers filled with magic by visiting their website here. 

Savours Foods – Indian Spice Kit and Cookbook

A couple of weeks ago, we talked to one of the three sisters who founded Savours Foods, Serena Walker, and the magic spice kit created with IdeaPros. If you or someone you love enjoys cooking, especially Indian food, this is the perfect holiday gift this season. The spice kit comes with a bag of spices such as coriander, chili, cumin, fennel, turmeric, ginger, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and mustard seeds. Each container comes engraved with the name of the spice in them. It also comes with a measuring spoon and instructions on how to use and store the spices.  In addition, you can get all the recipes in their cookbook by visiting their website here. 

Meet the Creators Behind – Bingo Tugless – A Revolutionary Dog Collar

Bingo Tugless is a revolutionary dog collar that does the training for you. We talked to two of its creators, Kiersten Harness and Stephen Rig, about their innovative idea and entrepreneurial journey. Kiersten is a dog trainer, and Stephen used to train his dog at her facility. They talked about the time you need to train your dog and how few people have the time to do that.

“Could we create something that doesn’t require going to a training facility and a super dedicated amount of time?”  – Stephen Rig

Also, the biggest problem in leash training your dog with an e-collar is that of the human. As a result, we often miss the exact time to correct the unwanted behavior, which can confuse the dog. 

“With Bingo Tugless, you just have to walk with your dog, and the collar takes care of it all.” – Stephen Rig

Bingo Tugless fits all dog sizes and has a slight vibration mechanism that vibrates when pressured against, like when a dog is pulling. There is no shock in it, just an uncomfortable feeling. Dogs react by stopping the pulling, which is every dog owner’s dream. Instead of being pulled down the street, they get a few on-time corrections and change their behavior. It is a lot easier than going to class for months to achieve the same effect. The collar is more consistent and more on time which is crucial for dog training. If you miss your window, the dog won’t know what he did wrong. When you get it on time, you are making consistent changes to the dog’s behavior. 

The Story Behind the Brand

Before becoming a dog trainer, Kiersten used to be an art teacher who loved dogs (she has four of them). She realized she was good at training them and decided to dive into a new profession. She is now a dog trainer with a treat business on the side and an exciting dog collar on the way. Stephen is a utility worker for a power company and the owner of four dogs.  If you have so many dogs, they are better well-trained. So training the dogs became a hobby for him. While talking about their experiences and what could ease the training process, Kiersten and Stephen came up with Bingo Tugless. 

The Entrepreneurial Journey

When you first enter the entrepreneurial world, you think everything happens overnight. But it is a process, and the journey is a long one. We had a lot of meetings with the IdeaPros team to decide about the design, the size, the weight it covers, and the strength of the vibration that changes the behavior. After some CAD drawings, we had a prototype to try with our dogs. 

The results were incredible as the collar can change the behavior in less than a day. Today Bingo Tugless is getting ready to manufacture the collars, and the sketch on paper is coming to life. IdeaPros helped them find the right engineers, manufacturers, and vendors, which would have been very difficult to do alone. When we asked them about the advice they could give to fellow entrepreneurs, Kiersten and Stephen said, “Have realistic expectations. It takes longer than you think. Everyone needs to do their piece.” 

Ready to get started?

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