Product Launch Strategy For Viral Results

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Product Launch Strategy For Viral Results

After months of research, hard work, development and with intense passion, IdeaPros is bringing 14 products to market with our product launch platform.

Together with our partners, we are making product launching FUN with a gamified approach so these products can go viral BEFORE they hit the mass market.

Key Viral Launch Strategy: Grow A Product Interest List

We modeled this product launch strategy after seeing how well Harry’s Razors launched their men’s shaving product line. They built an email list of interested consumers well in advance of their official launch. When they started selling, there were 100,000 people ready to buy. Our goal is similar for each of our partners’ products (see list below).

Meet the IdeaPros Launchpad gamified product giveaway platform.

Join, Follow, Share and Win with The Launchpad Viral Platform

We’ve set up this platform to showcase our partners’ revolutionary forthcoming products with incentivized sharing. Visitors sign up at no cost. They receive discounts and a chance to be entered into a giveaway. Just for signing up for it a member gets a 25% discount and the ability to earn more discounts and prizes.

It’s super easy…

Visitors simply join with their name and email. They get two things when they do. First, they will receive a 25% discount on the products on the site. Second, they get a referral link.  When they use this link and refer their friends and family who sign up to play the game, follow these cool products, the referrer earns larger discounts (up to 50%), and entries to win up to $5,000. In other words, the more people you refer, the more you win.

So… how does winning up to $5,000 in cash, gift cards or even 50% off your new favorite products sound? Pretty awesome! Right?

Discounts on Innovative Products

When you visit, you’ll discover the innovative products that we are currently showcasing and be the first to access these products (once they officially launch) for a great discount.

Here are the specific rewards you receive once you join the IdeaPros Launchpad:

  • YOU sign up, you get 25% off products.
  • 5 friends sign up, you get 30% off products.
  • 15 friends sign up, you get 40% off products.
  • 25 friends sign up, you get 50% off products;
  • 25 or more friends sign up in any of the given 5 months, you get entered to win $1,000 in gift cards and prizes in that month.

Be sure to peruse all the products and we’ll send you discounts when they become available for sale.

product launch strategy for viral results

Do you love to tell people about great deals?

We’ve made it super EASY for you to SHARE this offer to your friends. They too will receive the discounts and chance to win $5,000 over the coming months as they play the sharing game. We’ve built the ability to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms on LaunchPad.

Featured IdeaPros Launchpad Products

We have some cool products. You can see them all at
Our first launchpad product roundup includes:

  • Art MasterAn art briefcase that holds a large canvas and laptop along with other supplies.
  • AztecaAll natural, healthy shot with fantastic health benefits.
  • Bidet Bar – Bidet Bar holds all your hygiene needs in a discreet and sleek design.
  • BuzzBros 420 Beer Bong2 in 1 beer and weed bong
  • Clever Kid PacifierPacifier that holds flavored tablets to promote brain development.
  • Crashpad – Perfect truck to trailer hookups every time.   
  • Guardian PenFully loaded emergency pen. Feel safe anywhere. Tactical Pen with interchangeable accessories like a flashlight, stylus, bottle opener, and a laser pointer.
  • MaxTrax Race KitRacetrack for hot wheels with 3 different track configurations.
  • Pool Watcher 360Floating security camera/recorder and alarm that has Bluetooth to connect to your cell phone.
  • Raw Beauty Co. – All natural Skincare line.
  • Sizzle Buster – Keeping you safe and your kitchen grease-free.
  • SqueezedDevice that allows you to squeeze every bit of liquid out of a bottle and into a new one. Saves the leftover lotion, creams, shampoo, etc.
  • StackedNow there’s a place for you to store all of your wine glasses. Stemless wine glass rack that is stackable and holds regular glasses as well.
  • TwisterDetaching fixtures is now simple and no longer a struggle. Simply push and twist to install lighting fixtures or even ceiling fans.

Ready To Win?

Simply visit our Launchpad, sign in and check out the new products on the IdeaPros Launchpad. To win big, share your unique URL with your friends, family, and colleagues. As your referrals grow, you’ll earn more rewards.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about Launchpad and the products that these entrepreneurs have created in the comments sections.

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