Screenshot of multiple people on a video call
By Florence Adrian 20th Jan, 2022
When you are an entrepreneur, nothing is guaranteed. It takes a lot of struggles, running into walls, getting back up, and running through them faster. However, having a great team does make th...
Woman holding up her phone up to take a picture of a view
By Florence Adrian 17th Jan, 2022
Presenting your business on social media is hard work that demands daily effort. We talked to Genevieve Clements, a social media coach, about tips to make content creation easier and the whole ...
Person at a table writing on a notepad that says "the new me"
By Florence Adrian 13th Jan, 2022
Forget New Year resolutions - 96% of them never get fulfilled anyway. So don’t approach the new year with the same prejudices, insecurities, and doubts you’ve always had. Instead, find a ne...
Graphic of multiple question marks
By Florence Adrian 28th Dec, 2021
Are you running into heartaches and milestones on your entrepreneurial journey? We talked to the CEO of IdeaPros, Fred Cary, about the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and the right mindset f...
Landline phone
By Florence Adrian 21st Dec, 2021
“Learn the past, watch the present, and create the future.” - Jess Conrad  In today’s show, Tessa checks in from a...

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