Change Your Mindset To Change Your Life


Change Your Mindset To Change Your Life

Forget New Year resolutions – 96% of them never get fulfilled anyway. So don’t approach the new year with the same prejudices, insecurities, and doubts you’ve always had. Instead, find a new you – change your mindset, break the mold, and you will change your life.

Deal With The Old You

Before we approach the new year, we need to figure out what was wrong with the old us. We all have shortcomings that have prevented us from getting where we want to go and becoming who we want to be. The only way to change that is to identify those issues and make direct plans to eliminate what stands in our way. 

“One of the biggest things that we have in our way is our insecurities and doubts in ourselves.” – Fred Cary

If we believe that we’ve deserved the bad things that happen to us, we create a mindset that keeps us from moving forward. Therefore, every resolution needs to start with discovering what holds us back, what causes us to fail, and what we can do differently. Without that, nothing will work, so resolve to change yourself first. 

Don’t Forget About The Victories

It is easy to focus on the negative, but it is crucial to remember we’ve done some great things, too. When we look at our wins first, we can work on our issues, knowing that if we’ve done it before, we can do it again. 

“We sit there and talk about the victories that we’ve had. Then we can focus on the things that we wanna do better, and the changes that we wanna make in ourselves as human beings.” – Fred Cary

Put Things In Motion

Once we’ve done the due reflection and found the things we want to change, we can categorize the resolution into smaller pieces. We need micro victories to push us forward. 

“We fail because we make broad resolutions that don’t have any component to it that we can bite into and start doing things towards it.” – Fred Cary

If your goal is to be debt-free by the end of 2022, set little steps you’ll do every month and celebrate every win. You’ll feel motivated and closer to your goal every month through an incremental process. Make a carefully worked out plan and divide it into small steps that will take you where you want to be. Only when you visualize and imagine yourself at the finish line will you make it happen.

Let 2022 Be Your Year

If you want to be an entrepreneur, roll up your sleeves and start thinking like a CEO. You are the boss. Don’t blame others because that takes all the control and power away from you. Instead, take charge and accept the twists and turns that happen. Understand that the road is not linear and that the journey is hard. 

“The more you take possession, understanding, acceptance, and show resilience in what you do, the more likely you are to get to where you need to go by the end of this year.” – Fred Cary

Don’t forget the best time to do what you want to do is NOW. 

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