Stress-Free Social Media Tips To Make Content Creation Easier

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Stress-Free Social Media Tips To Make Content Creation Easier

Presenting your business on social media is hard work that demands daily effort. We talked to Genevieve Clements, a social media coach, about tips to make content creation easier and the whole process less stressful. Read on and learn how to grow your business through social media!

Tip #1  – Know Your Feed

When it comes to scheduling your social media posts, it is a good idea to know how your feed will look as a whole. The easiest way to do that is using your phone’s photo album. You can move the photos around and get a big picture of the feed. Instagram is a visual platform, so this is important. You can do this with Canva or Plann That ; however, photo albums are free. iPhone albums automatically crop the photo into the square shape that Instagram is known for, so you know how it will look. Once you’ve decided what photo to post, Instagram will do the actual cropping. 

Tip #2  – Plan Ahead

It’s a lot easier to spend three hours a week getting a ton of content than an hour a day. Then, when you have everything ready, you don’t have to stress about what to post. The key is to create content in advance and feel accomplished during the rest of the day. 

 “If I schedule a time for my social media creation, once a week, it makes things a lot easier.” – Genevieve Clements

When you do a branding photoshoot, you create a library of images you use for months to promote your business. Then, pull them out when you need them. This way, before you have your product or app ready, you can brand your business. People love to see who is behind the product, as we work with people we like and trust. 

“Until you’ve launched, you’re branding yourself as much as you’re branding that business.” – Tessa Ashford

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Tip #3  – Figure Out What To Post

The biggest issue we all have is how to create content that makes sense. Three rules that can help you out are:

  1. Make people feel good, laugh, or smile
  2. Help people learn something new
  3. Prompt a comment and interactions

Check out Genevieve’s 30-day post plan, which outlines some ideas on what you could post consistently. Make sure you’ve set yourself up for success in the first week. 

  • Day 1: Double-check to make sure you have a good bio, website links, and a good profile photo. Introduce yourself correctly. 
  • Day 2: Educate. 
  • Day 3: Make people feel good about themselves. 
  • Day 4: Prompt a comment. 
  • Day 5: Offer behind-the-scenes sneak peek.
  • Day 6: Share something funny.
  • Day 7: Show your workspace. 

As far as the content you share on Instagram and Facebook, it could be different if you have enough time. You can share the same posts on different days or simply share the same post on the same day. The important thing is to have purposeful content targeted at your specific audience.  

“There is always an end game to what you do.” – Tessa Ashford

You want to get sales for your product or build your audience, so they are ready when you launch. Add a call to action, bring people to your landing page, and get tracking on your website. 

Don’t forget to get creative and have fun!

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