Don’t Believe Everything You Think! How to Stay Focused in the Face of Obstacles


Don’t Believe Everything You Think! How to Stay Focused in the Face of Obstacles

You have a great idea and you dream about becoming a thriving business owner, but sometimes you doubt you can make it. Don’t believe everything you think! We all have our doubts, but if we stay focused in the face of obstacles, we WILL get to the goal. We talked to our partner, Raphael Boldrick about ways to overcome the barriers.

Focus On Your Mindset

There is no better time to focus on your entrepreneurial mindset than in times of crisis. Whether the crisis is affecting us on a macro, a micro-level, or both like the one we are all going through now. We need to roll our sleeves and keep going. If you have the attitude of never giving up and you believe there is always a way then you are on the right path. When it gets hard, don’t listen to your doubts instead focus on your heart, idea, vision, and the legacy you want to leave behind. 

“Don’t lose sight of how beautiful your vision is and how great your mission is.” – Fred Cary

Our Partner’s Path 

Our partner, Raphael Boldrick, is the creator of Pocket Rocket, an all-natural energy shot. He wanted to create an all-organic, all-pure energy shot, without artificial colorings or flavors, but the big question was how to get that done. Perfecting the formulations has taken countless revisions, but the result is a zero calories shot. It is made with a diabetes-friendly sweetener called allulose and has the invigorating effect of caffeine with a natural pineapple flavor. It wasn’t easy, though. 

When he started, the first company he talked to asked for $1.2 million to make a formulation while the second asked for $250,000 in profit sharing. There was no way Raphael could get that kind of money. He was on the verge to give up until he came across IdeaPros. He started to believe again that his project is as valuable as he always thought it was. He rolled up his sleeves and found a company that developed the formulation for free. Once the final formula is agreed upon, they will be the main suppliers of all the flavors.

Getting It Right

As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on getting it right. The process might not be pretty. The timelines won’t always work, but the important thing is to focus on quality. You need a perfect name, logo, and packaging. As these are the first things your potential customers will see. They need to be inspiring enough for someone to stop, decide to give it a try, and getting people’s attention is hard. Instead of focusing on obstacles, ask what the next step is, and what needs to be done to get you closer to your goal. 

“The world doesn’t want you to succeed. Your neighbors don’t want you to succeed. Nobody wants you to succeed. You need to want to succeed day in and day out.” – Fred Cary

It Is Your Dream

Partnering up with IdeaPros or any other partner won’t make you successful. You are the only one who can make yourself successful. It is your dream and nobody else is going to automatically believe in it except you. Forget about the doubts, the crisis, and stay focused. If you want to do it then you’re going to find a way to do it.

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