When The World Stops, IT’S GO TIME! Why aren’t you putting your foot on the gas?


When The World Stops, IT’S GO TIME! Why aren’t you putting your foot on the gas?

The world has stopped and there is an empty road ahead of you. You can have a ride of your life or park on the side and wait for the world to come back. What do you do? If there is a voice inside of you saying: Put your foot on the gas, it’s GO time to listen to it because the voice knows what it’s talking about.  

Time is Now

Do you want to build a project and make a difference by creating something amazing? Now is the time to do it. There is nobody out there. The competition is slowing down and everything is being paused. On the other hand, advertising is discounted, a lot of graphic designers, engineers, artists, and other professionals are willing to work at lower prices because there is no work. It is the perfect environment for an entrepreneur. 

“This is the time for entrepreneurs to make their mark.” – Fred Cary

There are two choices: wait for the world to catch up or see this situation as an opportunity to work harder, grow faster, get ready more quickly, and find something that is going to make a difference fast. 

An Obstacle is an Opportunity

With one of our partners, we are building an app and hardware combination called Kindred. It was originally designed for hospital environments to help staff keep on schedule and wash their hands regularly for the proper amount of time. We’ve made some modifications to adapt to what is currently happening. There will be a lot of tips on proper techniques to take care of your health. You will be taking your temperature once a day. Enter it into the Kindred app from where it goes to a database sorted by zip code. If there is a zip code with an increase in the number of people with fevers, CDC, the government and health agencies can find about it in real-time and take adequate measures.  Exactly what we need today, right? 

We could have thought, “We have an app for the healthcare community that is overloaded right now and no one is going to talk to us.” Instead, we took a sharp turn and came up with something that can be useful in this pandemic situation that’s the kind of thinking you need as an entrepreneur. 

“Take advantage of the situation by helping others in the process.” – Fred Cary

Purpose and Legacy

Whatever your idea is it’s a good time to get started because you need tools and time to get ready. If you have extra downtime you can use it to get better in touch with your purpose and your legacy. Your purpose is a dream. Meanwhile your legacy is how you affect the world with it. You CAN work on them even if the world has collapsed. If you look at some of the most successful companies, they all came to life in difficult times. For example, Uber and Airbnb started in 2008 during the house market crisis.  

“If you can make it in hard times, then the easy times are easier.” – Fred Cary

Whoever your competitors are, they are suffering right now, and they will have to regroup. When the lights come on, you will have an advantage because you are just starting and have no baggage.

The world may be stopping, but that doesn’t mean you should be stopping too. Think about your purpose and legacy and make it happen. The time is now.

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