Innovating the Shopping Experience – Making Healthy Food Convenient and Affordable


Innovating the Shopping Experience – Making Healthy Food Convenient and Affordable

What happens when two amazing people, together with their friends and family, turn their vision into reality? We get an innovative shopping experience that makes healthy food convenient and affordable. Welcome to the Nourish + Bloom market, a place where real food meets real people. 

The Story Behind the Brand

When their son was diagnosed with autism, Jilea and Jamie Hemmings understood that a healthy diet was crucial to his well-being. They also realized there were no quick healthy options for kids out there and decided to do something about it. Designing plant-based kids’ meals was a great idea, but competing with big brands wasn’t easy. They needed a place of their own. And this is how the first black-owned autonomous store came to be. A shop that provides authentic products for real people and always gives preference to local brands. The Nourish + Bloom Market joyously opened its doors last weekend in the Tirilith’s Town Centre retail district in Atlanta. 

The Technology Used Makes the Customer’s Experience

Nourish + Bloom is not just another healthy fast food store; it’s a place where high-tech makes your shopping experience effortless. Jilea and Jamie partnered with Hitachi Technology and Microsoft to make food shopping modern and affordable for families. 

All you need to do is download the app and enter your payment info. Once you scan your code, LiDAR technology tracks you throughout the store. The items are weight censored, so you simply carry them out of the store, get charged once you pass the door, and receive a receipt on the app. And that’s not all! Robots deliver your food within a five-mile radius of the store while conserving the original temperature in their hot and cold compartment bellies. 

Healthy Food Options Easily Accessible to the Community 

At Nourish + Bloom, you can find anything from delicious bagels and sandwiches to yummy soups and bread pudding. They use fresh and natural ingredients that make you healthy, strong, and energetic. And if you are a coffee lover, you can get your cold, or hot coffee brewed and prepared on the spot. It is all about easily accessible, quick, and healthy food options. 

Supporting The Community with Healthy Food Options

Jilea and Jamie needed healthy food in their area, so they created a solution for the whole community. The Nourish + Bloom Market is open 24/7, so healthy food is available at any time. 

The town of Trilith is a beautiful and artistic area worth visiting. You can enjoy great food, friendly people, and witness the future of a fast, healthy food experience at Nourish & Bloom market.

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