Market Research Tools for Entrepreneurs

Market Research

Market Research Tools for Entrepreneurs

Market Research is the backbone of a successful business. This is regardless of if you are inventing ground-breaking technology or solving an everyday problem.

How do you know your idea is what people want and need? How do you prove that your idea is worth investor attention?

Market Research!


Here are some of our favorite market research tools that make pinpointing your target market easy.  They are just that – tools. They are not a substitute for the intensive research and surveys we do. But, in conjunction, these are valuable assets.


1.  Aytm (

If customer outreach is a part of your analysis roadmap, Aytm as your resource list will help you greatly,  Aytm, derived from “Ask Your Target Market”, is an online market research platform that will make it convenient for you to do surveys and communicate with your respondents as well. Features include a variety of choices that you can tailor according to your survey needs such as open-ended, radio buttons, check boxes, matrix, and context question types that could be written in different languages.


2. Proved (

IdeaPros’ chairman and co-founder, Frederick Cary, says “One of the most important responsibilities of an entrepreneur is getting to know the ins and outs of your target market.” One way to take over a specific sector is to research its movements. The best tool that you can use is Proved. Through this platform, you can understand the demands of your target market and explore what they deemed essential in developing an app or any product before releasing it. Test your idea by making a prototype, getting your target market’s feedback, and reviewing potential setbacks that you might encounter through Proved.


3. Validately  (

Validate will help you get feedback from beta testers for your mobile app ideas and communicate with your website’s visitors. It helps entrepreneurs build better products by taking the pain out of user research. This is an easy way to recruit testers, launch tests and analyze results. Use your customers or recruit from their panel. No downloads or plugins needed and you can choose from different test types depending on your goal. Features such as moderated and unmoderated testing, app testing for both Android and iOS as well as mobile and desktop testing make this a spectacular tool.

Having a list of reliable research tools for marketing can work to your business’ advantage if you want to dominate your industry. These tools will help you understand how your target market moves. It will also guarantee that you are using your time efficiently in perfecting your app or product due to knowing exactly what your customers are looking for.

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